Where Love Overflows

Wanting a quiet place to call her own the little girl went to work carefully dragging her favourite items from within their home in hopes that her mom would not catch her. The carefully selected couch cushions, throw rug, and the blanket from her parents bed were the first items to disappear. The throw pillows and small table where she planned on putting her favourite book to read were next. Silently she came and went without much notice as she pieced together her little spot by the waterfall. Stopping to get a snack, she smiled at her mom as she ate the cookies on the plate. She watched as her mom disappeared from the kitchen and came back after a short while. Not much was exchanged between the pair as she trotted off to finish her project. She dragged her favourite book outside to read while she surrounded herself with the sounds of the waterfall and nature, only to find some new toys surrounding her little spot of quiet. She smiled as her little heart filled with her mothers love.


Bohemian Set *includes tent, rug, cushions, and table* by Serenity Style *exclusive item for MadPea Deco(c)rate March*

My Pretty Wooden Bunnies *featuring Pretty Wooden Bunnie- Gold Clock RARE, Pretty Wooden Bunnie- Bucket Teal, and Pretty Wooden Bunnie- Flower ULTRA RARE* by Serenity Style *available at The Crossroads until March 28*

Rag Bunnies *featuring Rag Bunny RARE and Rag Bunny.7* by Serenity Style

Adorable Teddy Bears *featuring Florist and Couple Love Rare * by {YD} Your Dreams *available at SaNaRae until March 18*


grass field green 01 – random by [we’re CLOSED]

(Sculpt)Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(warm colors)*b by HPMD

Chyra Waterfall – 1 – 64m – C/M by Heart Garden Center

PATAGONIA LITE Sim Surround [6.0] by Landscapes Unlimited



Lovely Day for a Celebration


The date had been set for early fall with hopes of warm weather and perfect colours. The bride and groom grew anxious for their big day when they would finally be husband and wife. Days past and the weather grew drastically colder and the bride began to worry about the venue they had picked after seeing several others. It was perfectly stunning and she wanted to dazzle their guests. The days faded away as the event lurked around the corner and rain was in the forecast. The pair decided to continue as planned hopeful that the weather would play in their favour. Much to their delight, mother nature was in a humble mood and set the stage perfectly with delightful hues of yellow and warm sunshine fit for a fall wedding outdoors.


Outside Decor

Love & Trust *includes table, chapel rare, gazebo rare, altar, anemone flower, bench, wheel and pumpkins, and lantern* by {YD} Your Dreams *available at The Seasons Story until October 31*

Rustic Love *includes table, tulips bucket, cake rare, candle, chair ceremony, chair reception, cupcake rare, macarons rare, plate settings, and tulips jug* by {YD} Your Dreams


Garden Tree08 with Lights – orange c by HPMD

grass field green 02 – random by [we’re CLOSED]

WeepingWillow.V2 by Little Branch


Bree’s appleblossom

The Woodland Party


Strange and wonderful things happen when we are not looking or least expect it. My dear friend had spent hours preparing for her little princesses party in their backyard. She worked around the clock to create a magical space one that would be inviting to any fairy who would happen to attend the party. She had gone inside to prepare the little princess before their guests arrived and when they returned they found the woodland creatures had come to join them. The little princess squealed with joy at the sight and then ran around wondering if Tinker had also come to join them.


Outside Decor

Once upon a time *featuring cake rare, cakepop rare, chair trunk, cupcake rare, mushroom bench, table mushroom, trunk table, and chair trunk flowers; not shown table mushroom center* by {YD} Your Dreams

The Potographer Bunny, The Hosts Bunnies, The illustrator Deer, Lemur and Cassiopeia by *ionic*


Garden Tree08 with Lights – orange c by HPMD

grass field green 02 – random by [we’re CLOSED]

Cranfield Fence, Tall and Wide by Apple Fall


*Starley* Settings 2

Little Man’s Birthday!


Carefully my friend prepared the grounds for her guests. She wanted everything to be perfect and in the right spot. Looking around she smiled at how she had arranged the space. Tables were carefully decorated with balloons and every treat imaginable. Stools and chair were found loitering around tables or near the area where the kids would play games while the adults watched and idly chatted with each other about how life has been. I watched from afar waiting to be told what to do, eyeing the cupcakes that looked mouth watering delicious. All to soon I was stripped from my decadent daydream, as my friend cried out that everyone would soon be arriving. I gave her a nudge and reminded her that it wasn’t every day that your little man turns one, which made the others around snicker as she trotted off to get the birthday boy from his slumbers.


Outside Decor

Little man *includes Balloon right, Bench Cushion Mustache, Dish candy, Balloon left, balloons, Button Bench, Cupcake Rare, fork little bucket, knife little bucket, Lollipop Rare, Table, and Cake Rare* by {YD} Your Dreams


GumTree_v2{4Seasons}, WeepingWillow.V2, and SugarMaple.v3{Seasons} by Little Branch

shrub large green and grass field green 02 – random by [we’re CLOSED]

Garden Tree06 – dark brown(olive) a and Garden Tree07 – green a by HPMD



My Grandmother’s Home

My Grandmother's Home1

My grandmother is a proud woman. She rarely complains or asks for help; even while caring for my ailing grandfather, she never stopped to admit it might be to much for her to handle on her own. After my grandfather was moved into long term care, she slowly transformed their little home to her personal tastes with the majority of his former presence removed. A few pictured adorned their walls of the pair together, albums filled to the brim were strewn about the tiny space. Eventually though the daunting task of cleaning the little home would come about, as my grandmother was moved into assisted living. Her space growing smaller and only a few treasured belonging being able to move with her. Slowly she marked the belongs that she would take and the rest was divided between the family members or sold to provide for her care. My grandmothers home is where memories were made and shared and will forever be part of who I am today.


Main House

New Air *featuring House RARE* by Serenity Style *available at Shiny Shabby until September 15th*

Outside Decor

My Grandmother's Home2

New Air *featuring Tray, Mail Box, Table, Chair, and Bench* by Serenity Style *available at Shiny Shabby until September 15th*

Wooden ButterDragon *featuring ButterDragon Fence Rare, Butterfly Flowers, Butterfly Harlequin, Butterfly Vintage, Dragonfly Bambu, Dragonfly Garnet, and Dragonfly Leaves* by Serenity Style *available at Fantasy Gacha until September 7th*

[Cat] Planter . Flower, Cactus, and Grass by Sway’s

Catface Rug (Texture Change), Scattered Acorns – Bright – Big Group, Scattered Acorns – Dark – Big Group, and Fennec Fox – Antwatching by +Half-Deer+

Tree Group Gift December by Apt B

Poly the Cat – Red Stripes by Serenity Style

Indoor Decor

My Grandmother's House3My Grandmother's Home4

New Air *featuring Curtain Frontal Window* by Serenity Style *available at Shiny Shabby until September 15th*

Mauricette *includes armchair, pots, sofa, and tables* by Serenity Style *available at SaNaRae until September 18th*

Puzzle Alphabet *featuring L Part 1, O Part 2 Rare, V Part 1, E Part 2 Rare, and Exclamation Mark Part 1 RARE* by {YD} Your Dreams *available at Shiny Shabby until September 15th*

Time Memory Table+Tray+Jar LINKED, Time Memory Chair and bag LINKED, Country Washboard Shelf, Country Bucket & Dryer, Rusty Set *includes mirror, blanket, stuff box, and chest*, Time Memory Table+Tray+Jar LINKED, Time Memory Chair and bag LINKED, Country Whasboard Shelf, Country Bucket & Dryer, Country Chest, Lucy Country Collection *featuring cupboard, auxilliar table, bowls, milk jug single, milk jugs, table, and chair*, Country Double Sink, and Antique Kitchen Set *includes chest, beans box, flour box, salt box, baskets, fruit basket, bucket, and cupboard* by Serenity Style

Daydream Corner *featuring Draped Stool and Decorated Mannequin* by 22769 ~ [bauwerk]

Hopper Brigade Coat Rack by unKindness

DIY Picture Frame, Love Sign Group Gift July, and Chest Group Gift August by Apt B

Tilted wire Frames, Classic Rug_1, and Stacked cushions chair by :HAIKEI:


WeepingWillow.V2 by Little Branch

grass field green 02 – random by [we’re CLOSED]

Mossy Garden Walls w/Steps by unKindness


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