The Little Cottage

Long weekends mean packing up the car and heading off to the cottage after a long winters rest. We make the year trip each year telling our friends and family that we are going to the cottage to rest and relax. Yet we know we are going to clean up the long winters dust, open the windows, and set up the cottage for the season until it comes time to close it up again for the long winters rest. We spend our long weekend cleaning up the yard, replanting flowers, and airing out the cabin. We are find ourselves just as busy as the work week, yet this is more rewarding in the end.


Main House

Alboran Summer House *includes summer tree and house* by Serenity Style *available for May round of Builder’s Box*

Outside Decor

*Cleo* Cart and Crates by Dreamscapes Art Gallery *available at the Home & Garden Expo until June 4*

Welcome Mat by AZ Emporium *available at the Home & Garden Expo until June 4*


Rocks & Plants 1, Rocks & Plants 2, Swiss Cheese Plant in Copper & Brass Cauldron by Cosmos Boutique Shop *available at the Home & Garden Expo until June 4*

Nature & Art *featuring Alder tree and Fig Tree* by La Luna *available at the Home & Garden Expo until June 4*

Sweet Garden Grass06 – white*a, Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(cool colors)*a, Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(warm colors)*a, Garden Tree08 with Lights – orange a, and Garden Tree06 – dark brown(dg) a by HPMD

grass field green 01 – random by [we’re CLOSED]


*Starley* Settings 2

Be sure to stop by the Home & Garden Expo and explore the many designers who are helping with a great cause!