Cozy Corner

Cozy Corner

Nestled in the corner, the tiny cat dwells. Shrouded in the perfect amount of light, to see but not be seen, she lays quietly watching the world around her. Silently she lays, taking in the sounds both within and out. She wonders when she will spotted; longing to be spoken to – but not for long. Her hiding spot is secure for now, but soon she will have to find another.


Main House

Outside Decor

Indoor Decor

  • Go-Pop Set (includes short and tall Pot, Rattan Cocoon Chair, and Rug) by Soul2Soul
  • Meet me By The Sea Sign by {Q-Essentials}
  • Decor Cat by Kaerri


  • Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(cool colors)*a, Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(warm colors)*a by HPMD
  • grass field green 02 – random by .:revival:.
  • Grassy Rock and Flowers – Free Gift by TMG


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