The Powder Room

Standing back, she looked around the one room she had finished decorating; the room she would spend a good deal of her morning preparing for the day. Hearing the small quiet mews, she looked over and smiled at the kitten giving its approval. The powder room was well decorated and cozy for those days after a long days work, or for those mornings where a few extra minutes of pampering were well needed.


Main House

~ The Old Orchard Cottage ~ by The Domineaux Effect

Indoor Decor

Out of the Water Collection, Button Up Rug, New Haven Powder Blue Weathered Storage Unit, and The Weekender Bag – Chestnut by {Q-Essentials}

Belt Shelf (stained) by Fancy Decor

Butterfly Freedom Decor by Sequel

Beauty Kit – Blue *includes hair plank, curler, and dryer* by {YD} Your Dreams

Terracotta Tower of Plants Be by StoraxTree

Kitten Collection :: *FaMESHED Bonus* Sitting Kitten by Jian

Bohemian Curtains Ocean Wave by :CP: Cheeky Pea

Toilet (Black) – Decoration and Bathroom Cabinet Sink – Blue by LAQ Decor



Strange Night

I woke unaware of where I was or how I got there. My head pounded and I did not know where I was; that was all that I knew. I stumbled around trying to find my barrings as I became lost within the hazy fog of dusk … or dawn. As my vision cleared, I suddenly become very aware of being alone, in strange place. How did I get here? I searched my thoughts for the last thing I could remember and it dawned on me that I had been out with friends before I woke here. I stood taking in my surroundings and wondering what took place during the strange night.


Greek Vampire Temple 108LI/prims and Vampire Bridge 24 LI/Prims by Studio Craft


Blue Bird Tree w/lights by Studio Craft

grass field green 01 – random by [we’re CLOSED]

Garden Tree08 with Lights – orange a, and Garden Tree06 – dark brown(dg) a by HPMD


Bryn Oh’s Annas Many Murders