Early Morning Baking


The sun had filled the little gully with the first rays of morning, filling the kitchen with a warm natural glow. My mother tiptoed down the stairs in her nightgown, just as she did every morning. Try as she might, the pots still clattered, and the old drawer still banged shut. Several minutes passed and before long, the sweet aroma of muffins would fill the air. My sister and I would yawn and stretch and slowly climb out of bed to see which flavours were made that day for breakfast.


Main House

Burtonesque House by Scarlet Creative

Indoor Decor

Let’s to bake *includes Baking Table Rare, Baking Tools, Flour Pack, Keep in order boxes, Milk bottle, Milkmaid & Eggs Rare, Muffins Plate, Saucepan, and Sugar* by Serenity Style *available at The Liaison Collaborative until January 30*

Love you country frame by Serenity Style *available through the All About Home group*



The Mermaids Wedding

the-mermaids-wedding1 the-mermaids-wedding2

The little girl stood in awe as she gazed upon the wedding venue. She squeezed her dad’s hand and tugged on her mom’s sleeve. Her parents smiled down at her, making every attempt to keep the little one quiet. Around them the quiet murmur of voices filled the hall, but the little girl could not help but look out the window at the reception area. She wiggled in her seat and began the swing her feet banging them on the chair in front of her. Leaning over, her dad whispered in her ear. She looked at him and shouted “But we are at the little mermaid’s wedding, daddy. See!!!” as she pointed out the window. Laughter erupted all over the small little chapel and the groom turned bright red.


Outdoor Decor

Winter love is coming *includes Alter table, Bench, Chapel Rare, Gazebo, Winter lilies, Wedding Nautical – Medium candle, and Wedding Nautical – Small candle* by {YD} Your Dreams available at The Seasons Story until January 31*

The Mermaid’s Wedding *includes Place setting, Bench, Cake Rare, Cakepop, Candle, Chair, Corals, Cupcake Rare, Macrons Rare, and Table* by {YD} Your Dreams *available at The Secret Affair until January 29*


Nacon’s Afternoon