5. My Gorean Years

Gorean Role Play: The Nyuki Chapter

Background Story ~ August 2010

(I used this background story when I first entered Gor in 2010. It stayed with me until March 2012)Born in Thentis, I was the youngest of seven and the only daughter of two very successful Builders. I spent all my time watching my patents and brothers work the tools of our Caste. I learned what it meant to be a Builder. I watched as my mither designed nee buildings and inventions that my father and brother would build for our Home Stone.As I grew, I learnt what I was required to do. I assisted my mother in her drawings and I aided my father in building. When we were not working my father and my brothers would practice their skills with the sword in case they were called to defend the walls. I would watch them train amongst themselves and with the Warriors.

My parents were always in demand within the Home Stone as my father was Head of Caste. They spent a great deal of traveling and I often went with them, visiting various cities and villages. I enjoyed our travels greatly as I learned about customs of others and met wagon people. My parents always took the time to answer my questions as they worked.

I went off to attend school to learn my families Caste in greater detail at the request of my father. While away at school tragedy struck as my Home Stone was attacked by raiders and outlaws. My family was killed and I was left alone. Not yet of age I was taken into the custody of my fathers friend, which meant I travelled to a nee Home Stone to live. He and his wife encouraged my continuation in my studies and assisted me in obtaining the tools of my trade. I grew very close with their son and daughter and would write numerous letters to both of them. While away learning my Caste, Dominic was away learning to be a warrior and Ashie was learning to be a Physician.

Enjoying my studies once mire as I grew comfortable in my life with this family, tragedy again struck as Dominic and Ashie’s parents were taken and never found again. We were lead to believe that both were dead, but Dominic and Ashley would not believe it.

Soon Dominic and I were joined in companionship and we travelled together as I filled the needs of various Home Stones as they required repairs to be done or new buildings constructed. Dominic spent his time training and working with other Warriors. Ashie went to live in Nyuki.

The Beginning

It began back in August 2010 (Earth Calendar).

My companion’s sister arrived at my doorstep claiming I was needed for a new city. She was dressed in Green and this I knew was the Physician’s Caste. I asked her where we would be going and she politely replied Nyuki. We need to save our friend.

Clearly she was worried and I was not sure why. I packed some belongings for the journey and we waited for my companion to return home. Not knowing how long it would take as he was off with other warriors in a neighbouring city assisting them during a raid.

Upon my companions return, he and is sister spoke further in private. I built the house we lived in, I knew every little second that needed repair and had put off doing so in pursuit of other projects. Their voices drifted through the house as if I was in the room with them. Did they not know I could hear them? A friend I had grown up with, moved to Nyuki and my companion’s sister was worried that the friend would come to harm.

It took a hand to travel to Nyuki; looking back I cannot tell you where we traveled from as my memoirs did not included this information.

When we arrived, tired and in need of drink and food, we were shown to the Inn. I obtained a room for my companion and myself and unpacked the few belongings I brought with us on our travels. Not expecting to stay long I only packed a few changes of clothes.

Once we were refreshed, we were given a tour of the city. I instantly fell in love with the architecture. I met with the Ubar of the city and much to my surprise I was offered the position of the Chief Builder. A position I could not refuse, this was a goal I had set for myself now coming to fruition. My companion was offered a position within the Scarlet and I learned that my companion’s sister was Head of her Caste. My mind began to race, was this a ploy to get us to move closer to her? I pushed the thought away and laughed lightly to myself.

I returned to the room in the Inn and repacked what little I had brought with me, and moved into the home we were offered. I set to decorating my new Office, inspecting the buildings and creating new items for the city. My companion went on trips with the Scribe as her protector.

After nearly half a year being in Nyuki things began to change. I forgot my place among the men. One day I brought my companion dishonor by talking to a man as if he were my equal. I stood my ground and did not back down to the visitor. This was a mistake for it cost me much within Nyuki. I was lucky to not be placed in a collar, instead I lost my status within my Caste. I was demoted to just a builder again. Oddly enough this did not bother me.

The city became quiet most of the time. Something was going on. I could not put my finger on it. I missed my companion more and more each day when he was not around. Something that had become the norm, as he was assigned to ensuring the safety of the Head Scribe as she met with other cities.

Near the end of my first year in Nyuki, tragedy struck my family.

The cries could be heard in my office while I worked on the new building the Ubar had requested. I frowned wondering what was going on in the city centre.

Finding my companion I walked, well ran beside him, to see what was going on.

Stopping dead in his tracks I ran into him and peered around his shoulder to see what was happening. There on her knees was my companion’s sister. I took in a quick breath surveying the scene. What had brought her to kneel before the Ubar?

Listening to her pleas to be enslaved, I wept quietly for her. Not understanding what drove her to do this. My companion’s sister, removed her own veil and I stood their in shock. I watched as my companion draw is his sword and feared for his safety.

Still she pleaded with the Ubar to enslave her and the Ubar just watched her kneeling before him. More gathered around as I stood there in shock with silent tears running down my face. Shame filled me as I watched her kneeling on the ground, mixed with fear of what she had done to bring her to this measure.

My companion stood there, sword in hand ready to take down the Ubar if he choose to collar his sister. I was motionless, I could not save either of them.

The Ubar, turned to my companion and looked at him for a brief moment. Then looked to my companions sister kneeling on the ground. He refused to collar her and my companion stood there motionless. I looked at him and knew what I needed to do.

I went to my office and packed up what I could, then went to our home and packed up our belongings from there.

We set out yet again, in search of a new Home Stone.

Some where, along the journey we were separated.

I wandered alone.

Trying to Find a New Home

December 2010 (Earth Calendar)

I spent many day traveling from city to city trying to find my place.

I always came upon the same concerns. No builders in the city, no need for another builder, or no one to speak with about the city I was now in.

Very discouraged, I wondered around Gor.

I was alone.

I did not know where my companion had gone to. I did not know where my companions sister was. My friend was gone as well.

I was alone.

March 2011 (Earth Calendar)

Before I knew it a year had passed since I had left Nyuki. Was my heart still in that city that left a dreadful pit in the bottom of my stomach, with the memories of my last day there. The last time I saw my companion content. The last time I saw him before we left and he wondered off leaving me to wonder if I would ever see him again?

I was alone

June 2011 (Earth Calendar)

I was alone and scared. New faces. New Cities. Never knowing where I belonged.

I wondered aimlessly like this for years.

Never staying in a city for very long.

Often I would meet a familiar face and spend time with them, until I felt like I was intruding on them. I would then pack up my belongs and move on to the next city.

Was I no better than the She-Urts.

I was homeless.

No Home Stone.

I clutched to my identity as a builder. I clung to it like it was my only hope to remain who I was.

A Builder.

I belonged to the Builder’s Caste. I told myself it was normal for a builder to travel from one city to the next, filling odd jobs and completing work that was granted to one of my Caste.

I clung to hope.

July 2011 (Earth Calendar)

Longing for a Home Stone, a place where I could set down my belongings and feel needed. I turned back on the path I had been walking and headed back through the cities I had been visiting.

Before I knew what was happening and where I was going, I found myself once more at the gates of Nyuki.

Why did I come back there?

Was I hoping that I would find my companion there, waiting for me with open arms like it was only yesterday that I had last saw him?

Who was I kidding…. No one but myself.

I was greeted by a familiar face who welcomed me home.

I was given a home and a place to work.

I was starting to feel comfortable again within the city. I was starting to feel apart of the Home Stone.

This feeling only lasted three months, when a terrible storm hit the city and it was destroyed. My belongs were swept away in the storm and I only had a few gowns to wear.

I had to find a Home Stone fast, to make coin to pay for new materials and books of my trade.

September 2011 (Earth Calendar)

I wondered around aimlessly once more.

At times, I felt like I was not seen, heard or noticed even by the slaves that served me my meals and drink.

I sought out the Priest Kings to see if they could make things right again for me. I was young and stupid. I should not have allowed my companion to go off and leave me. I needed purpose in my life once more.

Little did I know that soon my life would change forever.

It had been five years since I first left Nyuki. (Note: 3 months in SL is considered a Gorean year.)

March 2012 (Earth Calendar)

Gorean Role Play: The Family and Growth Chapter

RP Notes:
I was about to embark on an amazing journey of self discovery, in away that I had never thought would be possible. I had always found it funny that there were RPers who would play the part of the child, to a couple. I had vowed I would never do this. That it was easier to be alone than to play the part of some one’s daughter. I would learn that I was wrong, when a close friend approached me and asked if I would play her child. I gave it some thought and changed my character story completely.

Background Story ~ March 2012

Born on March 11, I was the second born after her brother Shane. Though they were twins, they were very different. Shane was the trouble maker; always getting into something that would be questioned by others. While I was meek and mild mannered, though known to stand her ground at times; I was the observer of the family always learning and watching what others were doing. I watched my father, a warrior, and my brother spar and train together (though this would not be the path my brother would take); learning skills through observation, though never good with my own dagger. I watched my mother tend to those who needed the attention of a Physician. I learned how to stitch up a wound, give exams and even deliver a baby. The sight and smell of blood mixed with other odors of the Infirmary made me ill and I did not choose this Caste for my life.

My Parents Rifi and Lady Hannah
My Parents
Rifi and Lady Hannah

Growing up my family moved quite a bit, my mother had my younger sister and later a my younger brother. Shane stopped moving around with the family seeking his own path in life. I grew very intrigued by those of the Builder Caste. I set out to learn about what they did, what they made, and showed an aptitude for their knowledge and skill set. Being pleased with how eager I was to learn, the Head Builder assisted me in my studies and allowed for a change of caste to be made. I spent many years learning what it meant to be a Builder; I chose the path of design and set out to creating new buildings for the cities I and my family lived in. My younger sister found a free man she could not be without and they became Free Companions, slowly my family was parting ways.

My Mother and twin Brother – Lady Hannah and Shane

My family wandered around Gor, looking for a Home Stone, that mostly my parents felt needed in and could serve within their Caste. I felt out of place in my family, as I had chosen a different caste then that of my parents. I felt, I was destined for more than a Physician and could not be a Warrior. I longed to write and create great works of art. This was primarily why I chose to become a Builder, though I was still not content. It was as if I was not told the truth about who I was. I lived my life content with my family and working hard as Builder.

Yet something was missing. There was a young man of my past that I longed for news of. Every city and village we visited, I would search for him. He was a Warrior by choice, born to Physicians. His parents had been killed as he was child and my mother took him in and raised him until he was old enough to make his own choices. Hurt, he had left to seek out those who had killed his parents and learn more about being a warrior. I soon would give up hope that he would return and feared he had been killed.

Life in Temos

After travelling west to various cities after leaving Sais, for reasons my parents did not tell me, we set sail across the Thassa to the Isle of Cos. We traveled by sea for days, traveling around the Isle until my father was satisfied with the location that he had chosen to visit. The boat docked at in the Port City of Temos, our belongings unloaded and I looked around at the lush greenery and trees. Taking in the the fresh air and looking for my land legs again. The Isle was breathtaking  a welcoming sight after days on the water seeing only sky, sea and wildlife. I longed for the mainland though, felt I would not on the Isle and I missed my friends and my siblings. We got off the boat and ventured further on the path, luggage in tow. We came to the gate of Temos and my father rang the bell. I peered through the slats of the gate taking in what I could see of the city. Lush plants and trees and a few whitewashed buildings. Being a builder, I fell in love with the architecture of the city.

Settling in a new Home Stone

A few days after arriving, my parents made the decision to join the City of Temos and protect the Home Stone to the best of our abilities. We became citizens, something we had not done since Sais. Interestingly enough I never swore on the Home Stone, and in retrospect now wonder why we were never asked to do so. I quickly settled into life in Temos and did not mind living out of the Inn until my parents were able to acquire a home. I wandered around the City, admiring the buildings and learning where everything was. I explored the forests, outside the City walls, found the hiding places and spent time by the waterfall and the fountain in the centre of the City.

The Library was where I spent much of my time, creating new building designs; my specialty was designing new buildings over materials or tools that could be used by others. I would also spend a great deal of time reading over the scrolls that were stored in the Library; a passion of mine was gaining knowledge about everything that had to do with Gor – her people, the cities, the wildlife and the land. Temos’ Library was filled with information – vast amounts of information – that I would become lost in my reading and forget about my work.

For the first time ever I felt at home; like I belonged and was contributing to my Home Stone.

Catherine, sitting in the family home, working on a new building drawing

Meeting the People of Temos

The people of Temos were friendly and very welcoming to newcomers. I would spend many hours speaking with the other citizens, fascinated by their stories – another passion of mine was to write down these stories with the tellers permission (an odd behaviour for a Builder). The slaves were eager to serve – even coming to the Library to see if anything was needed. When I was not in the Library, I could be found in the Tea House enjoying various dishes, pastries, and beverages. It was here that many would gather and converse about their days work, latest gossip or their views on a current City issue.

It was here that I met Apollonius, a Scribe. An interesting individual who spent a great deal of time deep in thought while in the Tea House and in the Library. Much to my surprise he approached my mother about courting me when I had not said more than two words to the Free Man, even more surprising was the fact that she agreed to this arrangement. We spent time under the watchful eye of other Free, talking with each other, getting to know one another. One day Apollonius requested to speak with both my parents, something my mother had to do as my father was currently away on travels. He asked my mother permission to join in Free Companionship – something I was not ready for – but did not say a word as it was not my place, if my mother wanted she could request a bride price.

My mother agreed and plans were made. A few hands after arrangements had been made Apollonius informed me that he would be changing Caste; he had submitted a petition to the High Council to become a Low Caste member one of the Players. I accepted this, for it was where his heart lay, though I questioned how I would be seen in the City a companion of a Low Caste member. He was granted the Caste change and he shed his old garments and donned those of the Players.

Eventually something happened – a disagreement perhaps – that I was not made aware of and Apollonius left Temos. A few days later, I received a scroll requesting that I join him in his new Home Stone. I pondered this idea for days. I was conflicted as to what I should do. I felt a loss at his leaving and realized that I felt more of a friendship with him than anything else. I took this time to stand up for myself and do what I wanted. I sat down in the Library and wrote him a scroll, ending the pending Companionship and remained in Temos where I wanted to be and felt at home.

I spent a great deal of time with Lady Hope and her slaves brent and mal. I became close friends with her, watching her wage war on pastries. I became good friends with Lady Isabella, an Apprentice Scribe, who I spent much time with talking about from how her studies were coming along to our views on Companionship.   I felt an odd bond with Lady Ati, having been a witness to her freeing so she could become the Free Companion to her Master – later ironically Lady Ati would find herself in a collar again, a fate I did not long to experience ever. I befriended Lady Rose, a freed slave who was pregnant with her Master’s children; they would later join in Companionship.

I met Arrach one day while I walked by the gate and accidentally walked right into him. We shared a laugh as he dealt with tending to the gate. We grew closed, conversing often about raids, gate duty and slaves. He would tell me about the Wagon People and I would tell him what I did as a Builder. Arrach become someone I admired.

Attending the Sardar Fair
Attending the Sardar Fair

Watching my Friends Leave

As much as I loved Temos, there was also feelings of hurt and great pain. After being in the City for a month, my parents parted ways. My father returned to Sais and my mother remained in Temos. Hoping this would be the last it would be spoken of, my father returned threatening to kill my mother, which resulted in him being unable to return to the City.

My friends were leaving as well. Lady Isabella was now in Vonda with Jar the she-urt who liked to play tricks on me and take my veil. Arrach moved to Telnus and became their Administrator. Lady Ati was being challenged back into a collar by the Merchant and the slave shepry was off in another City. Lady Rose was busy with her twin boys. I was alone once more as my mother hardly came out of the house anymore. I decided to take control of my life and venture out of the protective eye of my mother and visit other Cities. I went to Vonda and spent time with Lady Isabella.

Visiting Telnus
Visiting Telnus

Life in Telnus

After visiting with Arrach several times in Telnus located on the Isle of Cos, I fell in love with the buildings, the feel of the City and the people. I met many of the people who called Telnus home. The farmer and her son were an interesting pair – she spent more time worrying about her son’s love affairs with slaves and Free Women than she did tending to her crops. The florist was a lovely lady – very eager to own a kajirus and her conversations were always interesting to listen to concerning the matter. Lady Amber the perfumer was enjoyable to speak with – but often spent her time with her sister- and she and I later became very good friends.

I met the Head Builder’s Companion, Lady Paula – a delightful Lady with much knowledge to share. She showed me around the city and would take me along on her building checks, explaining how a building had come to be and what needed to be changed. She introduced me to Knight the Head Builder – an interesting man who kept to himself mostly. Their slave was a dreadful beast, who I had little use for. I was given space in the Office and was told to make any changes I wanted to. Oddly enough, I was never assigned a task to complete within the city and was left to my own devices. I took to creating many new designs, even branching out of the norm of buildings and into furniture, that I would work on later.

Sadly, people slowly left the City for reasons unknown to me. Arrach became increasingly unhappy and left one night without word. Lady Paula and Knight left as well and I hardly saw Lady Elena and her family around the City. I packed up my things and returned to Temos, where I knew my mother and many others. Just after my departure, I received word from Lady Amber that Telnus fell. My only regret was that I did not paint pictures of the buildings for my memories.

Sitting in the Tea House of Telnus
Sitting in the Tea House of Telnus
Sitting in my little room in Telnus
Sitting in my little room in Telnus

Shane comes to Temos

While I was in Telnus, I received word from my mother that my brother had come to Temos. I was pleased to return home to see my brother once more. Upon my return, I walked into my mother’s home to find no one within. I went to the Infirmary knowing that I would find my mother there. To my surprise the Ubar was laying upon a table as his mother Lady Baby and my friend Lady Hope were standing next to him. Quietly, I moved over to where my mother sat and kissed the top of her head letting her know I was home. My return home was met with sorrow as I learned of the terrible things Shane had done in our home.

Shane was always up to something for personal gain. If it could make him coin he would sell a Free Woman; he was often hired to track people down and return them for profit. Shane came to Temos to make the Ubar kneel and place a collar upon his neck. I felt great disgrace and shame for my brothers actions. My mother continued to tell me that he was placed in a cell and then allowed to wander around the City as his weapons had been ceased and he had given his word to not leave nor do anything to bring harm to the people of Temos.

The night before my return to Temos, Shane had been seen speaking with a member of the Black Caste which had him returned to a cell and as the Assassin attempted to take the life of the Ubar. I was further shamed by Shane’s actions. I was upset over what he had done and what this would mean for my mother and myself.  I was angry at Shane for his actions. I did not go to him. Something I would come to regret as I sat in the Library that night and heard his screams coming from the cells in the Magistrates office as my friend Lady Hope had him fed slowly by a sleen, while she questioned him.

My last memory of my twin brother would be his screams…

Standing on the bridge while visiting my sister to tell her of Shane’s death

Journey to Selnar

October 4, 2012 (Earth Calendar)It was a warm day, with a cool breeze coming off the sea. I stood on the steps to my mother’s home wondering what I could possibly do that day.I lived in the City of Temos, located on the Isle of Port Cos. My mother was a Physician and always busy in the Infirmary. I had many friends in the city, but longed for more. Something was missing from my life and I was not completely sure what it was. I was a member of the Builder’s Caste, whereas my parents were Warriors and Physicians (It was later I would learn that the man I knew as father was not my father).

I would watch my father train with my twin brother, often taking part in lessons that would allow me the skills to fend for myself if attacked. Though I could not call myself a Warrior as I could not serve my city as one.  I spent many hours watching my mother in the Infirmary and often in our own home tend the free and slaves learning her skills as well enough that I could perform the duties of a Physician if needed. Though I could not be a Physician either for the sight of blood made me ill. I had found a group of Builders when I was younger who answered my questions and saw how keen I was on learning their skills. They taught me all that I know and I became a skilled builder, but something was still missing.

I stood on the steps wondering what I would do that day.

Was it fate that brought me the scroll telling me of a request to visit the Port City of Selnar, that a friend wished to speak to me? Perhaps it was, or it was the Priest Kings guiding me in the direction that I needed to go.

It was not my first time venturing away from my mother. I just returned to Temos after spending four months in Telnus, increasing my skills as builder and meeting amazing Free. Sadly though Telnus fell to storms and the city was destroyed. I went inside my mother’s home and packed a few things for the journey I was about to make to Selnar. I was not sure how long I would be gone for, so I did not pack much.

I wrote a small scroll to my mother, informing her of where I was going and that I would return.

Slowly I walked, in search of a wagon that could carry me to Selnar. I paid my fare and began my journey. The caravan left at noon. I watched as Temos disappeared out of view with a heavy heart at leaving my mother behind, though excitement filled me with what would come of my travels. The caravan stopped only once to eat and rest for the night. I longed to be home with my mother safe behind the city walls.

October 5, 2012 (Earth Calendar)

A day’s travel was all it took along the bumpy, dusty road. I arrived in Selnar at noon the next day. I sought out my friend who had requested come to the Port City of Selnar. Finding Arrach near the Warriors Hall, I spoke with him. Learning that he had left Temos to become an Ambassador in Selnar, he made one request. He wanted to create a team of Ambassadors that he trusted, that work together for the same goal. He requested that I join the Port City of Selnar’s Ambassador’s Office. I was humbled with the trust and faith he had in my skills, though I was worried for I knew being an Ambassador was not within the Builder’s Caste.

I took two days to think about the offer. It would mean less time to build, visiting other cities and climbing out of the safety area I had created for myself. It would mean leaving my mother permanently to live else where. The mere idea excited me. How could I refuse such an offer. It was a chance to find my place within a Home Stone. To learn where I really was meant to serve my city.

October 7, 2012 (Earth Calendar)

I sought out Arrach and informed him of my decision to remain in the city. I sent word to my mother,  to have the rest of my personal belongings sent to me. It was four days after leaving Temos, that I became a member of Selnar and embarked on a new journey in my life.

Temos Always in my Heart

As much as I loved Temos, the city had left me with many bad memories. I lost contact with Lady Isabella, Lady Ati and Lady Rose. It was while I was in Selnar that I received word of a terrible storm that wiped out the City of Temos.

I was devastated and worried for the people, I had come to love in Temos. My home was gone forever.

The Gate to get into Temos, to the right is an entrance for citizens
The Gate to get into Temos, to the right is an entrance for citizens
Looking from the Infirmary toward the fountain, Tea House and Tavern, the Magistrates Office and the Library on the right
Looking from the Infirmary toward the fountain, Tea House and Tavern, the Magistrates Office and the Library on the right
The Library where I spent a great deal of time reading the scrolls and books
The Library where I spent a great deal of time reading the scrolls and books
The Tarns and the quiet forest where I would go to be alone with my thoughts
The Tarns and the quiet forest where I would go to be alone with my thoughts

Life in Selnar

The Ambassador

I joined Selnar as one of their Ambassadors; taking this position on with great pride. My first task was to visit various cities and villages to invite the citizens of that Home Stone to Selnar’s grand opening. I sat at my desk and devised my plan of attack. I recreated a smaller version of the Map of Gor on parchment, outlining the route I would take on my travels, the cities and the villages I would visit and who would travel with me. (enter picture of map here).
I packed a few belongings and embarked on my journey with four warriors. Every city I visited, I gave an invite to either by speaking with their Head Scribe, a Merchant or to a warrior. Often I was not even permitted to enter their city; which was a relief at times and my travels go faster.
In Home Stones where I had family and friends, I would spent time with them often more than a day at a time. Once all the invitation scrolls were handed out, I returned to Selnar to prepare for the grand opening and to report to Arrach where I have been during my travels.
On my way home, as I passed through Port Kar, I saw the lifeless body a man, dressed in rags and against my better judgment I approached to see if he was still alive. Lowering myself down beside him, I searched for a pulse. Finding one I looked my guards and insisted that the carrying the man onto our boat, taking him home to Selnar where I would get proper care and brought back to good health.

My second task was to write and present reports to the High Council. Each week, just before the Council meeting, I would sit in the Ambassador’s Office reading over scrolls submitted to me by the other Ambassador’s and write my report. Each week I was asked who the Head Ambassador was by the Ubar and would have to give the same answer of ‘no one, as we are sharing the responsibility.’ Each time, I was met with a disapproving frown.One day waking from a nights rest, Arach sent a slave to find me, he requested my audience. I went to the Office to see what I was needed for. Arrach was there with his kajira, selfi (who would later be named ainia, once they had left Selnar). Arrach informed me that I was to be Head Ambassador, a task I accepted willingly – inside I was laughing as I was doing all that the Head Ambassador was responsible for.

The Boy Submits

When we landed at the docks of Selnar, instead of taking the nearly dead man to the Infirmary as I had intended, I took him to my home and placed him on the small cushions in my living room. I had questioned what I had done and did not want anyone to know that I had rescued a man. I nursed him back to health and took care of him. I did not know what the outcome be. I did not know his station in life and it was very possible he could collar me and make me a slave or even kill me.
Days passed since I brought him back to Selnar. Hands passed as I tended to my Home Stone duties and cared for him at night. I used skills that my mother had trained me in doing. I nursed the man back to health. One day after finishing in the Library and the rest of the city was busy working on their task, I walked home slowly enjoying the fresh air. Approaching my home I saw movement and was not sure how to approach the situation nor did I know how the man would respond to me after what I had done.
I walked into my house slowly, trying not to startle him and have him attack me, I announced my entry. Instantly he dropped to his knees and I took a step back. Having thought I was saving the life of a Free Man, I realized I had saved the life of a boy. A kajirus. I did not know what do. I taken the boy in thinking he was a peasant with the way he was dressed. What was I going to do now?
Looking at the boy, he was the first to speak. His words were quiet at first and he proclaimed himself my devoted slave to serve me always as I had saved his life. i was slightly amused at the situation I was now finding myself in. I had always told my family and friends that I would not own a slave male or female and now here before me was a kajirus submitting to me.
I took out a scroll and filled out the proper paperwork and then took the boy over to the Infirmary. As luck would have it my mother was there and I explained the situation and that I needed a slave examination done on him for his paper work. I learned his name was ion and I went with the name, always trying to think of the perfect name for him. His papers were put in order and I handed them to the Head Scribe. Ion was now my devoted kajirus, used for my protection around the city, while travelling and for serving me and the city.

A Change of Caste

Not only was I now Head Ambassador, I had decided to submit a petition to High Council to change my Caste – this was rarely done and only if you demonstrated an aptitude for the Caste you wished to join. I would no longer be a Builder, but would join the Caste of Scribes as an Apprentice learning under Lady Aveira. It was during Council’s approval that I learned my biological father was a Scribe. I was shocked to learn this here. My mother never talked about me having a different father than the man who raised me. I suddenly realized why being a Builder was not satisfying and fulfilling. I realized why I had been drawn to writing and gathering information instead. I wanted to learn all I could about this man. I would wait until later to ask my mother about him.

I studied under the Head Scribe, my friend Lady Aveira; learning what she taught me and reading the scrolls she requested me to read. Sadly not to long into my assignments she stepped down as Head Scribe and my lessons were forgotten. She eventually left Selnar and I sought out Lady Janette, to learn about her Scribes program at the request of my mother. I began to take Lady Janette’s classes while acting as Ambassador. I visited Sais at the request of my new Head of Caste Kelthric, who had heard that Sais’ Kennels were over flowing. I traveled with the Warrior Samba and met the Head Slaver Sandor. We made deal to trade Sais’ slaves for wine and chocolates from Selnar. I wrote up the trade agreement and took it back to Selnar for approval from the High Council.After a Council meeting, I was on my way to work on a lesson in Library when a visitor from Port of Meqara arrived looking to speak with the Head Merchant. Fortune befell as I was really not in the mood to focus on my studies; I invites her to join me in the Tea House and have tea with me. We discussed what I did and she told me what she was in Selnar for. We discussed terms and she wrote a Bill of Sale while I wrote out a trade agreement to present to Council. Rather pleased with myself for setting up two trade agreements, I returned to my home for a nights rest. A week later the agreements were approved and I slowly worked on my studies.

Commander Tane Dies

Sitting through a Council meeting, I took note of who was there and who was not. The Ubar called the meeting to a close and Lady Aveira left the arena. I stayed for a bit talking with my mother and invited her to join me for tea. The ear piercing scream was heard throughout the city.
Everyone ran to where the screams were coming from. There laying on the dock in a pool of blood was Commander Tane. People were asking what had happened and no one had answers. Kneeling beside him was Lady Aveira, pleading with him as she was filled with tears and overcome by emotion.
Commander Tane told everyone around him how he had found two individuals spying and he tracked them back to their Home Stone. He engaged in battle with them and was badly wounded. My mother tended to him, working as best he could. She looked to Lady Aveira and told her to take down his last words as he laboured for breath. I had never seen my mother so helpless as a Physician before.
Lady Aveira took down his last words,; how he was filled with regret at abandoning mira and how he loved Temos, though he lived in Selnar now. Lady Aveira was upset and his current slave was in tears. Nothing was said about his intended and his slave. This would become part of the reason why Lady Aveira would eventually leave Selnar along with the slave shepry.

Asked to be Head Scribe

With Lady Aveira leaving so did the Head Slaver, who she had become very close with. This lead to the Head Scribe returning to the Kennels as Head Slaver. I, a mere apprentice was granted Head of Caste. A position I took on with great honour and pride. Before taking the position on fully, I travelled back to Sais with Dom and Leo to return the approved trade agreement. An accomplishment I longed to see through, now all that was needed was approved on Sais’ end. I returned home that night and wrote a scroll telling the merchant from Port of Meqara that her agreement was finalized and approved. I also wrote Arrach a scroll concerning the Ambassador’s and what he needs to do. I approved an application for a new Ambassador though I did not trust him.. Arrach requested someone else be appointed the position of Head Ambassador after a hand. I later met with Lady Analise and appointed her as Head Ambassador.

Trouble in the City

Returning to Selnar after doing some travelling, I entered through the gate and saw a small gathering. Lady Ahali and the Tavern Master were by the well shouting. I was startled by the flash of a dagger as Lady Ahali drew on the Tavern Master. In a matter of enh the new warrior Geordie downed Lady Ahali, disarming her. Against his better judgment he turned Lady Ahali over to the Tavern Master, rather than taking her to jail to be seen by the Magistrate Lady Salt. I pleaded with the Tavern Master to do the right thing and let the Magistrate deal with the issue rather than making worse. Lady Ahali did not help with her comments about friends in places of power that would see to justice being given to the person who deserved it.

I blocked the view of the gathering crowd as the Tavern Master started to remove Lady Ahali’s gown. I was shocked at what was happening. I returned to the Library to write a scroll before taking the time to gather my thoughts.  When I emerged from the Library sometime later, Lady Ahali and Geordie were within cells in the Magistrates Office. I had made the decision to allow for an outside Magistrate to oversee the case. I walked over to the Magistrates Office to inform Lady Salt that she would not be overseeing the case of Lady Ahali, that an impartial Magistrate from another Home Stone had been sent for. This infuriated Lady Salt and I explained the reasons for this decision.I told Lady Salt that Lady Ahali was throwing her and her companions names around during the whole ordeal as a form of protection against her act of aggression towards the Tavern Master. That this action lead to the law being taken into the citizens hands as they felt Lady Ahali would not be tried properly. I also informed Lady Salt that with witnessed accounts of Lady Ahali’s statements of protection from her friends in power that the decision was made and Lady Salt could only attend the trial as an observer. This did not go over well; the end result was an upset Commander and Magistrate who felt I as Head Scribe had no right to make this call. I held my ground and did not let Lady Salt have any power over me.Lady Hope of Sais came in as the acting Magistrate. I trusted her judgment and knee she would do the right thing. I was not the one asked her to over see the trial, nor was I aware of who did. I was just grateful that she came. The trial lasted for three days. Lady Ahali was given a temporary collar for three days, a sentence that many found to light. The Tavern Master was charged and had to pay two gold to the City coffers. While in the court room the Ubar spoke giving his view of the case and how he agreed with the sentence though found it rather light.

Lady Salt had not shown on the last day of the trial. Sciprico, drew his sword upon the Ubar and uttered words against those of the city, shouting insults both he and Lady Ahali fled Selnar – never permitted to return; they were now considered outlaws. Lady Hope returned home after enjoying an entire pie in the pavilion. The city grew quiet once more.

My Father Shows up in Selnar

I started everyday the same way; a quick glass of water a handful of ramberries and then off for a walk around the city. This day was no different; I dressed and made my way out the door of my home. I walked past the bakery taking in the sweet aroma. Past the Library, past Lady Amber’s perfume shop and then the Magistrates Office. Rounded the corner past the bath house, the Inn and Ubar’s house. I walked past the Infirmary, the Builders Office and the pavilion in the centre. It was here that I heard the bell ring for the gate. Looking around, I sighed noticing no warriors were out of their furs yet. I approached the gate slowly, noticing the Free Man dresses in blue robes. I answered the gate asking his name, Home Stone and purpose of his visit. He told me his name was Schbler from Jahesa and he had come to see Lady Hannah. I informed him that she was away on travels and had to explain how I knew this; I found myself explaining how she was my mother.
Through the gate he told me he knew my mother and that he had come to see about re-companioning with her. I asked when they had been companioned, as I had only known my mother to be joined with one man, Rifi the man who I called father. He told me they had been companioned in Ryder and that he had made a mistake while they were together. I told him that my mother had not spoken of this. He asked where I was born and I told him Port Cos. He asked who raised me and I told Rifi a warrior, which enraged him. He then announced with great authority and confidence that he was my father. I asked questions that only a father would be able to answer. I asked if I was an only child and he said no that I had a twin brother. Filled with sadness, I told him Shane was dead.I let Schbler inside the gate and we went to the pavilion, where he shared with me paintings of he and my mother together; including paintings of my mother as a slave, that hurt to look at and I wished he had not shown me. I regretted asking about her past.
Schbler and Hannah, the day they were joined together in Free Companionship
Schbler and Hannah,
the day they were joined together in Free Companionship
My parents, sharing a moment in their home
My parents, sharing a moment in their home
Hannah, a slave before she was freed by Schbler
Hannah, a slave before she was freed by Schbler
A lovely, and tasteful picture of my mother as a slave
A lovely, and tasteful picture of my mother as a slave
After our visit he returned to Jahesa and when I could I would go and visit him. I learned about his family, finding it interesting that while I was Telnus I had in fact spent a great deal of time with relatives; Lady Elena was my aunt and I never knew it. Soon Schbler joined Selnar as a Magistrate. Sadly like all good  things this soon turned sour. My mother and Schbler began to fight and she packed her things leaving Selnar, never returning other than for my Free Companionship Ceremony.

Tyrants take over the City

It is a day I will never forget. I woke to the cries and screams of others. I left my home to see what was going on. Not more than a few days had past since the Ubar decided to step down and leave Selnar. People were running about the city and it took all my power to find out what was going on. Leo, Lucien and Savage had taken over the city on the eve of the vote to determine who the new Ubar would be. Leo self proclaimed this title. Lady Carina and Lady Kasha had been thrown in jail by Leo while Maak stood by watching. Selnar was in a state of fear. Free Women worried as several were threatened with collars if they did not obey the “false” Ubar. A plan was set in motion. The High Council met and declared an Ubar in secret for his protection. Gold was gather and place within a chest and Lady Carina travelled to Maelstrom to meet with the mercenaries. The city united in secret as the tyrants slept in their furs. With the plan in motion everyone sat in wait until the city could be reclaimed once more by the honourable and the loyal.Schbler though, took it upon himself to deal with the issue and confronted the “False” Ubar Leo. He and Lady Kasha were placed within a cell, where Schbler proceeded to argue with  Leo, even challenging him to a dual of words in another language. Leo having enough of this, cut out my father’s tongue causing a heart attack and Schbler dying (or so we thought).Later that day, mercenaries struck, taking Leo and Lucien back with them to Maelstrom and kill them without mercy. As the city attempted to return to normal, Savage woke from his furs. He was furious and tried to avenge his friends. Lashing out at everyone around, taking several down that were near. Even my intended was struck down as he tried to sneak up on Savage while he was distracted by the arriving guests for my Free Companionship Ceremony. I watched, devastated at the scene as my guests arrived and I could do nothing. Men from Sais came to aid and after sometime Savage was removed from the city.

Free Companionship

Despite all that had happened, Dominic, my childhood friend who had vanished for some time in search of himself, and I continued as planned. Schbler’s death was a blow and I had thought about postponing the ceremony. Thankfully my dear friend Lady Hope was not busy and came to oversee our joining. The arena was decorated, guests were seated and I stood before my chosen Companion beaming with pride and devotion. For the duration of the ceremony all was forgotten about the events of the past few days. I finally had my heart in one place as I pledged my loyalty, devotion and support to Dominic. A Companionship that would last until we were called to the city of Dust.
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
After the ceremony, my mother left to wherever she had gone after leaving Selanr; little did I know this would be the last time I would see my mother. My sister returned home to her companion and my father Rifi, the man who raised me as his own, returned to Sais. The rest of us gathered in the pavilion for refreshments and cake.
27 28 29 30
Lady Amber went to mourn alone, the loss of Schbler. I seemed a little indifferent to the situation, having not grown as close to him, since I had just met him. I wore robes of black displaying my loss. I was sad over his passing, but also happy to begin my life with Dominic. That same day Lady Kasha and Azure, renewed their contract for Companionship.
Lady Amber would later leave Selnar to join Schbler in Venna, after learning he really was not dead. I though never went to visit him. I would learn from Lady Amber during one of her visits, that Schbler committed suicide and that she was now courting his brother, who I have never met.

The Tuchuk becomes my Apprentice

After a long day in the office filing city documents, I walked from the third floor to the main floor of the Library and stopped smiling beneath my veil. There stood Lady Ravyn, the Tuchuk, in my Library pouring over scrolls and growing frustrated. She has been told that in order to become a citizen of Selnar she would have to choose a Caste to be a member of. I helped her find scrolls and books concerning High Caste and Low Caste citizens and what they do for a living within their Home Stone. After a few days she came to me and requested permission to join the Caste of Scribes as my apprentice.

I accepted Lady Ravyn as my apprentice and started teaching her all that I knew. As time went on, I had her read various scrolls and would ask her questions about what she read. I created assignments to be completed on a regular basis. I quickly noticed a lack of concentration in her work and studies. I sought her out to ask her about this and attempt to get her refocused on her studies. I found her with the Warrior Maak and through observation quickly noticed that something more was going on.

I requested a word with Lady Ravyn in private. This did not happen right away and rather than waiting any longer I went to her home, where she invited me in. We talked for a bit about her studies, during which I learned she had stopped doing them as she became distracted by the Warrior Maak. I questioned her further about this infatuation. Taking in her words and body language, I worded my questions carefully. I learnt that Lady Ravyn had been in the Warriors home and grew displeased with what I was hearing. I asked if anything had happened while she was there, only to learn she had been drinking and engaged in behaviours unbecoming of a Free Woman, especially one that was not companioned. I took her to the Infirmary and explained the delicate situation to Lady Labella. The two spoke and it was confirmed she was with child.

I was devastated! A woman of my Caste pregnant out of companionship; a disgrace to her guardian and the Scribes. I did what I thought was right and tried to cover up the act  I brought the Warrior to the Library. Together, Lady Ravyn and I informed the Warrior of the situation and what his options were. He became enraged with Lady Ravyn for telling me. I gave them both two hands to get everything sorted out and to meet with me again to draw up the contract for a Free Companionship ceremony. I told the Warrior that after the two hands have past, I would inform Kaleck, myself of the issue and that Lady Ravyn would be enslaved for her indiscretion. Two hands past and I again met with the Warrior Maak and encouraged him to do the right thing and companion her. He asked for more time. I agreed to this and soon learnt that the Warrior had attempted to take his own life.

The Enslavement of Lady Kasha

Mean while more turmoil was placed within my Caste. Scandal seemed to run wild with the noble Caste of Scribes and I was beginning to wonder what was going on with my fellow Free Women. While trying to deal with my apprentice I had lost track of my Magistrate Lady Kasha. I went looking for her in all the places I knew she would possibly be in. I checked in her office, the pavilion and then her home. I sent ion my kajirus searching for her with a description of what she looked like. I called her name while I searched for her. In the housing area about to give up, ion came bounding up and told me a girl matching Lady Kasha’s description was in the Tavern Masters house. I questioned ion about what he saw with a frown as he went into detail. The Tavern Master came out of his home and told Lady Zia and myself that indeed Kasha was in his home and under his collar. I did not believe what he was saying. There was no way Lady Kasha would willingly enter into a contract collar.

I informed the Tavern Master that the situation would be looked into. Others became involved and several events transpired from Lady Hope issuing a warrant for the Tavern Masters arrest. This was not seen through, rather a challenge was issued which the Commander lost. The Ubar then arrested the Tavern and had him placed within a cell until a proper trial could be held. Rumours spread like wild fire and the Ubar grew tired of complaints and over saw the trial personally. All were bought to the Ubar’s home. He listened to each side of the story of what had occurred and passed judgment. Lady Kasha was told to finish out the contract as written  and the Tavern Master was to serve more time in the jail.

No one could have known what was going to occur next. Kasha was taken to her home and placed in my care as her Head of Caste while the Tavern Master was in jail. I had just finished working on some scrolls and finishing my discussion with the Ubar. I decided to go and check on Kasha. Knocking on her door, I called her name several times receiving no response. I let myself in worried. I found her crumpled body slumped against the wall. I ran to her dropping to the ground. Frantically, I looked for a pulse and breathing, finding nothing. I sent another slave to find a Physician and bring them back. Looking around for any indication of what happened, I found two scrolls addressed to Kaleck, her father, and to Azure, her companion. I placed these in my pouch. I also found an empty vile and gave this to the Physicians to examine. I explained all the events leading up to this moment and what I suspected had happened.

Her lifeless body was carried to the Infirmary where she was declared dead. At my request she was left where she lay until word could be given to Azure and Kaleck. Later that night I found Kaleck and gave him the news of his daughter’s death and what had led to it. I felt terrible and lost for my friend. I went with him to the Infirmary and explained further what happened and who was involved. I walked with him as he carried her to the docks behind the Merchants Office. As she died a slave she was not granted the rights of a Free Woman. He said a few words and threw her body out to sea. We stood there in solitude as her body drifted for awhile, before sinking. We returned to the safety of the city walls and shared a drink in the pavilion; the topic never spoken about again.

Ravyn Looses the Baby

The next day, I went to see Lady Ravyn to find out her and the Warriors intentions. She told me of a new plan. She would travel to the Sardar Mountains on her pilgrimage;  she had been reading the scrolls in the Library again. I asked her about the baby and she told me further of her plan to return after the baby was born and to leave it with someone else. Against my better judgment, I agreed to allow this to happen, under one condition that she write Kaleck a scroll telling him the truth. I gave her an ahn to do this and told her to meet me in the Library. Slowly, I walked to the Library to be with my thoughts; hoping I was doing the right thing in trying to protect her honour and her status in the Caste. The scandal this would bring if anyone learnt of this.

Forgetting I had asked to speak with Lady Hope, who was now Head Magistrate in Selnar, I was surprised to see her seated in the Library. We talked for a bit about nothing in particular when she reminded me that I had requested her audience about a Caste matter. At that very moment Lady Ravyn entered and I stood up rather abruptly. Lady Hope not missing a beat asked question after question not believing Lady Ravyn was going on the pilgrimage as a right of passage. Infuriated at how the situation was changing, I was at a loss for words. Lady Hope, not fully knowing the truth but suspecting the pregnancy told a story of a Free Woman falling down a set of stairs and loosing her baby. I was shocked with what Lady Hope was suggesting and watched as Lady Ravyn ran from the Library. I followed her as she ran, not knowing what she would do. I tried to catch up to her only to see her head toward the Tower. I suddenly realized what she was planning on doing and could not stop her as she ran up the stairs and fell back to the bottom.

The Warrior Maak arrived and carried Lady Ravyn to the Infirmary. No Greens could be found, so I sent Maak to find some. I got Lady Ravyn as comfortable as I could. A crowd was gathering as the Commander Jason and Lady Carina came to see what was wrong. Slaves arrived to help; paine got rep clothes and water ready as I told Jason what happened. I was not prepared to deal with issues that a Physician should. I longed for my mother to be here. I sent the kajirus ryder to find Kaleck so I could inform him of what happened. The Warrior Maak returned with a Physician and everything went by very fast. I answered questioned and did not back down from the Warriors words, slander and blame.

The useless kajirus acted as a town crier telling everyone of what happened. Now the entire city knew of Lady Ravyn’s indiscretions. Lady Hope was now involved in a scandal and would need to see the pair on court. I was ashamed. Lady Ravyn lost her baby and I was given the little body. Kaleck arrived and I told him what happened, twice now I was giving him bad news. He left the Infirmary requesting to speak with me once I was free again, I nodded as he left the Infirmary. Waiting for when I could get out of Infirmary.

Carrying the small bundle, I walked to the city gate where I found Kaleck and many others. We moved away from the gathering and I told him what happened and that I had tried to help them both. I told him what I should have done and how I was now regretting not doing what should have been done in the first place. He asked me what could happen to Lady Ravyn now and I told him only Lady Hope could decide that I asked him what I should do with the little bundle I was holding. Kaleck took it from me and told me to find Lady Hopr and meet him beside his house. I agreed and set out to find her.

Having found Lady Hope by the pavilion, I told her of the request and we walked together to where Kaleck was waiting. Seeing he had already dug a small hole in the ground, my heat dropped; reality sunk in and Lady Hope asked what was going on. I informed her that Lady Ravyn lost her baby. Together we discussed what would happen and set a trial date. Maak was placed in a cell out of fear of him running.

Ravyn learns her Punishment

Once Lady Ravyn was well enough to move she was brought to the Magistrates Office to give her statement. Lady Hope over saw  the trial and asked questions. She heard both  Lady Ravyn’s account of the past events and then the Warrior Maak’s account. She asked why they did not do as I had told them, to which I was shocked to learn that the Warrior had told Lady Ravyn to speak to me about the contract and ceremony, but she had not done so. After hearing all that she needed to, Lady Hope sentenced Lady Ravyn to a punishment collat for a hand. The Warrior Maak was told to write three essays and to speak further with those of his Caste. I watched as my apprentice was taken to the Kennels by Kaleck.

Ravyn finds her Slave Belly

After the fifth day of Ravyn’s punishment, Lady Hope went to the Kennels to find Lady Ravyn to speak with her. Having no one with her, Lady Hope and Lady Ravyn discussed options and what would happen depending on the choice she would make. Lady Ravyn had to choose freedom or permanent enslavement. A decision was made by Lady Ravyn. Returning to the city from travels, I went to the Library to attend the High Council meeting. Lady Hope greeted me and handed me a scroll. Breaking the seal and reading it over, I dropped to my cushion and looked at Lady Hope unable to form words.

As others trickled into meeting, I just sat in silence. We held the meeting, giving reports from the Caste Heads and Lady Hope announces that Ravyn the former Lady had found her slave fire and made the choice to remain a slave, giving up all her rights as a Free Woman. I looked over at Kaleck as the news was give  and felt terrible all over again; the burden he had to hold clearly showed on his face as he had to tell her father what had happened.

How was I going to call my apprentice and friend a slave? After the meeting, I stayed in the Scribes Office in the Library, alone to think about the outcome of the last few hands. Kaleck went to the Kennels to process his new slave painfully. A few days past and I saw ravyn a few times. and noticed the effects of her choice and wondered if she was regretting it. I spoke with Dom endlessly about it; more than I realized for one day he said to purchase the girl from the Kennels. I smiled at this idea and agreed that I would. Though I did not tell him that I intended to free her and have her become my apprentice once more.

Purchasing ravyn

While Dom was away on travels, I went to the Kennels, braver than normal for I would never go to the Kennels alone. I walked up to the door and knocked hoping Kaleck was within, so that my visit was not wasted. Finding him inside with the slaves, I declared my intent to purchase ravyn, but did not expect it to be completed right that day. To my surprise, Kaleck sent the girl home with me. I instructed ravyn how to serve, keep the house clean, tend to the Library and serve the City, as needed and requested. I even resumed her scribe training, grooming her to assist me as a scribes helper.

Captures Oh My!

One night while I was away on travels, Dom and kara (I had decided to rename ravyn to something that had meaning and as she was helping me a great deal now, she was a rare treasure. I renamed her takara, calling her kara for short.) were in our home, when they heard shouting and left the homes safety. Both were captured and taken to Essex. Dom was thrown in a cell and kara was taken to the Kennels, or so Dom thought. I would learn that Dom escaped and freed kara bringing her home with him.

A hand past and Essex returned yet again. The warriors of Selnar, held them off and our wall was never breached. Later that night a single warrior returned from Essex, capturing kara while she was on the docks alone (something she was not permitted to do). For three days she was gone. I was beside myself with worry, I even attempted to set out in search of her as no one really knew where she was taken too or who took her. My attempt would be futile, if I even left.

On her return, I found her kara hiding in the back room. She hid from me; she would not let me touch her. I sought out Lady Labella, who came to check on her. We took her to the Infirmary, where I questioned her after she was given truth serum. The questioning only seemed to make things worse as she declared her capture as her Master and owner. I had the Black Smith remove the collar around her neck and replaced it with my own. Exhausted, worried and slightly relieved, I left the Infirmary and headed for home. Passing the arena, I noticed Dom was practicing his skills with the sword and went in. I told him that kara was back and in the Infirmary. I went home to rest while he went to check on her.

Life was starting to return to normal after kara’s second capture, though she spent less time with me each passing day. The Commander announced that the contract for protection from the Maelstrom Mercenaries was not renewed. Vulo ran rampant in the city and the ships captain flew his Tarn over head. Sitting in the pavilion, shouts were heard as as someone threw grapples.Warriors and Free Men went to the walls and Free Women and slaves attempted to find safety. I knee kara was near the Library, so I attempted to to run to her to warn her. I fell to the ground, feeling the sting of arrows in my leg and watched as she was captured, yet again; a third time. Maelstrom and Mercenaries attacked to prove we needed them.

After four days, kara returned. Things had changed with her. She seemed to stay away from me more than before. She asked permission to visit friends, something I granted. Eventually, she never returned. She took another collar and lived in Jahesa with her captor from Essex, who was now the Commander in Jahesa. I would never go out of my way again to own another kajira for sometime. I grew to attached to them like a mother to her children.

The City Grows Quiet and Closes

Several hands past since I last saw kara, more like months now that I think about it. I spent a great deal of my time alone in the Library, updating City records as people left, never to return. Hope and Jason, left in the quiet of the night without a word. Often spending days alone in the city, newcomers would arrive, but not stay long. Mira would serve visitors and chat with me when no one else was in the City walls. The Library was complete and only used by me.

I resumed my studies as a scribe. I wrote a companionship contract for Davion and Lady Elizabeth and performed their ceremony. I made arrangements to visit Port Verdenne to over a companionship between two scribes. Selnar slowly emptied. Homes were empty and people stopped coming to visit. Warriors left the City in search of Home Stones where they were needed. Greens started leaving, the slaver left with many slaves. The Tavern Master and his Companion stopped coming to tend to their duties.

I and mira often stood alone in  the solitude of the Cities walls.

Selnar was quiet.

The storm hit over night and I awoke to buildings destroyed, trees uprooted and animals hurt. I cleaned up the scrolls in the Library, placing them in cases. I packed up the books and returned to my home. I packed my things and Dom’s as well. Placing them on a cart  I took a small bucket and filled it with soil. Took a small orange plant and a purple one and put them in the bucket, along with more soil to cover their roots. Selnar was my home and I took part of it with me. The plant would be my reminder of Selnar, my friends who became my family and what I had become in Selnar!

*Missing is my renditions from life in Sais. These will come shortly*

Gorean Out of Character Fun

Every once and awhile the cities I have lived in get together and have a wonderful time, dressing up to a theme and partying the night away during Out of Character events. The following pictures are from such events.

While I was living in Sais, before going to Temos, the city had a Best in 80s OOC event, I went with my rp parents and donned my best high tops, plaid skirt, top and big hair. I enjoyed the moment to let loose and have fun. Interestingly enough, I won the contest as well with not a clue how.

Sais 2012
Sais 2012

Selnar also held an OOC event each month, I only took the following pictures of the event that was held in February, where we dressed in lingerie and partied the night away. These pictures are from when we did Gagnam Style.



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