2. Blog Guidelines

Please review the following concerning how I blog.

1. I use your items to tell a story. Before I start my blog post, I piece together your item and several others, often this ends up inspiring me some how and I either use my own personal land (which I do not link back to) or I seek out a themed Sim which fits my vision. I then create a story, weaving it into my post.

2. I try my best to blog your items in a timely manner. With that said, sometimes RL sneaks up on me and I must tend to it first. I do my best to inform all sponsors of my absence when possible.

3. If your item is part of an event with a time frame during which your item is available, information pertaining to this is greatly appreciated so I can blog this item first and on time.

4. I try to keep my blog pg do to the audience who sees my blog posts and those who are roaming about the room behind me while I am working. If the item is to revealing, I will let you know that I cannot blog the item. As for poses, I will attempt to find another means to blogging it other then the original intent if possible, again if I cannot blog it then I will let you know.

5. I believe firmly in communication, if you are not liking something  or the way I have used your items, please let me know so I can fix this.