Early Morning Baking


The sun had filled the little gully with the first rays of morning, filling the kitchen with a warm natural glow. My mother tiptoed down the stairs in her nightgown, just as she did every morning. Try as she might, the pots still clattered, and the old drawer still banged shut. Several minutes passed and before long, the sweet aroma of muffins would fill the air. My sister and I would yawn and stretch and slowly climb out of bed to see which flavours were made that day for breakfast.


Main House

Burtonesque House by Scarlet Creative

Indoor Decor

Let’s to bake *includes Baking Table Rare, Baking Tools, Flour Pack, Keep in order boxes, Milk bottle, Milkmaid & Eggs Rare, Muffins Plate, Saucepan, and Sugar* by Serenity Style *available at The Liaison Collaborative until January 30*

Love you country frame by Serenity Style *available through the All About Home group*



Outdoor Picture Show

Outdoor Picture Show

I had scoured the internet searching for a cozy Bed and Breakfast that provided just a little bit more than a room for the night and a light meal in the morning. I wanted something that would go the extra step to ensure I enjoyed my visit to their home and community while I enjoyed some time away before I resumed my duties at work. I had searched for days prior to my departure. Starting to give up hope, one popped up out of no where as if it was calling my name. “Outdoor Picture Shows in the evenings” stood out calling my name and soon my fingers were dancing on the keys as I booked my stay for a few nights.


Featured Decor

Under the Summer Stars *featuring popcorn bag, cinema screen, movies box, proyector Rare, puf, rug, and table; not shown holdable popcorn bag* by Serenity Style *available at The Liaison Collaborative until August 31*

Outside Decor

Yara Treehouse by Trompe Loeil


Garden Tree07 – green a by HPMD

grass field green 02 – round by [we’re CLOSED]


Phototools- Moon Light 03

Truly a Girls Room

Truly a Girls Room

I decided to make some changes in my home; fixing up the guest room mostly. It stood empty for far to long. Carefully I unpacked the boxes that filled the space to see what I had to work with. Putting together the bed, I created the focal point. Moved in a vanity and dresser from storage, that was better on display then collecting dust only to be forgotten. Each item came to life as I placed them around the room filling in the once box filled space. The room took shape and its character shone through. The room was fit for a girl.


Main House

9. SC Antique Store by DRD *available at The Arcade until March 31*

Bedroom Decor

Eterma Bed Green/Lavender by Serenity Style *available at On9 from March 9-28th*

The Romance Vanity (includes vanity, boxes, make up, rose, and puf) by Serenity Style *available at The Liaison Collaborative until March 30th*

Shopping Day by CHEZ MOI

Butterfly Freedom Decor by Sequel

WallButterfly, WallButterfly{violet}, and WallButterfly{Green} by LB *gift at Shiny Shabby until March 15th*

Bremen Table by :CP:

Butterfly Poppies, Crocus Teacup Pink, Crocus Teacup Yellow, and Crocus Teacup Purple by Kaerri *Limited Edition items*

Birdie Pillows by Serenity Style *TCH 2nd Anniversary gift*

round rug. floral circle. by junk.

The Ancient Ladder and Retro Frames by Serenity Style

Escape Shelf (stained) by Fancy Decor

betsy mirror and betsy dresser by [Brixley]


Fairy light pink (Paulina)