Mountain Oasis

Nestled in the low valley below the white crested mountain tops stood the small cottage, where the single occupant graciously catered to those who visited. People from all over the world came to visit her little mountain oasis. Often the apologized for disturbing her serenity and with a plump smile upon her rosy face she told them it was no bother at all and showed them around her gardens and to the mountain trails. Before they left to return home, the plump hostess would send her visitors off with fresh baked goods and honey from her hives.


Main House

Jules Fall Cabin Rare by Serenity Style

Outside Decor

My Puppie Sweet Home by Serenity Style *available at GBMC Rally to Rescue from October 1-20*

Jules Fall *featuring Lights, Bench, Bowls, Fruit Baskets, and Leaves* by Serenity Style

German Shepherd sleeping by MishMish

Trick or Treat Ghost and Pumpkin Ghost by PILOT

Indoor Decor

Arya Wooden Forest Friends RARE by Serenity Style *available for Lootbox until October 20*

Jules Fall *featuring Frame Coming, Frame Je taime, and Shelf* by Serenity Style

Traveling White Roses Home Decor by {Q-Essentials} *available at Perfect Ten Shopping Event until October 15*

Morocco-books by ~BAZAR~

Shelved Books *Part of Nemo Boat Bed set* by [ Organica ]

Heart Carpet Black, Bean bag Blue, and Kitty Steps by **Mistique**

Frat House Couch (PG) by Salacity


grass field green 02 – random by [we’re CLOSED]


Regional Settings


And I Think to Myself


During the day my thoughts are filled to the brim with any given number of items; work, people, media, what is happening around the world. These thoughts intrude my sleep most days, as my brain attempts to sort out their relevance and meaning. Information comes in and rarely leaves, it lingers in my thoughts always. Those around me often ask why I look tired or how do I know that and will comment that I need to shut my brain off some days, and I think to myself if only it were that simple. The only time I really find reprieve from my thoughts and the information overload I sustain every day, is when I find the time to sit and read a good book in the comfort of my home.


Main House

Serene Tree & Windmill Home by LAQ Decor

Indoor Decor

And I think to myself *includes book, chair, shelf, and vase* by Serenity Style *available at LTD The Event until September 26*

Irene Mouse- RARE by Serenity Style

Toronto-Living room bookshelf 1 by ~Bazar~

The Bard’s Folio by [ zerkalo ]

Fall Rug 1 by Fancy Decor



Making the Birds a New Home

Making the Birds a New Home

Over the winter my bird house was destroyed by squirrels and the elements. I should have known better and brought it in, but I wanted to ensure that the birds who remained would easily find food if needed. I had not anticipated the squirrels knocking it down and commandeering all of its contents for themselves. Eventually the tiny bird house, once filled with seed, was buried beneath the crushing snow and forgotten until spring arrived and the snow melted away to display its destruction. Now I sit, constructing a new bird house for those who enjoy visiting my yard.


Main House

hill top cottage 1 by dust bunny

Indoor Decor

Rusty Birdhouse Grey by Serenity Style *available at SaNaRae until April 15*

chair with pillow (birds) 1 and square dining table by tarte.

5. Apple Fall Book Shelf, Fall Harvest Cake, and Cherry Voulevants by Apple Fall

Wood Spice Shelf w Potholders Ba by StoraxTree

small spaces kitchen . vintage stove by dust bunny

Drawer by HIDEKI

You are the one panel by Serenity Style

Winter Princess: Floor Vase ~Pillows~

Toronto-Living room plant by ~Bazar~

My Neighbours House

My Neighbour's House_main

In the middle of the forest a large clearing had been made; large enough to fit a small city block. Many watched as construction crews came and went wondering what was taking place behind the trees. Soon the crews left and moving trucks and furniture deliveries began to come and go. More gathered as whispers spread across the wind. Who was moving into the clearing in the forest. As we watched a young couple moved into the large home fit for several families. I was fortunate enough to be invited into their home; to hear their story and to share their tale. My neighbours house is large as you can see, but carefully decorated to fit both their jobs within. They wanted to never be apart and had agreed the only way to do this was to move to a bigger home and bring their clients to them.


Main House

Cheyenne Log House by {Greymoon Designs} *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Outside Decor

My Neighbours House1 My Neighbours House2

Antique Metal Garden Set *includes Antique Damask Garden Chairs, Paper Flower Pot, Vintage Heart Candle, and Antique Garden Table* by Dreamland Designs *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Love Nest Cuddle Rug – Dark and Sweet Things Bistro *includes Table, Chairs, and Flower* by HJM Designs *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Indoor Decor

My Neighbours House3 My Neighbours House4 My Neighbours House5 My Neighbours House6 My Neighbours House7 My Neighbours House8


Heart On a Wire Bedroom Set (PG) *includes bed, bench, branch lamp, hanging fan, road art 1, road art 2, road art 3, rug pile, side table, silly sayings plates, wall collage, and wardrobe* by :CP:

Betsy mini set *includes dresser, mirror, and rug* by [Brixley]

Armchair (White Linen) and Armchair (Black Leather) by Fancy Decor

Clawfoot Bathtub & Shower (Silver), Toilet (Black) – Decoration, and Bathroom Cabinet Sink – Blue by LAQ Decor

Arizona dining set *featuring dining chair, lamp, table, rug, deco vase, and room art* by Bazar

Silver Framed Words to Live By – textures (featuring 11, 12, and 6) and Country Cottage Exterior Window Shutters – textures (featuring Shutter A1, Shutter B8, Shutter A6, Shutter C9, and Shutter A4) by GF Creations *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Ansel Living Room (PG) *featuring bird cage candles, book pile, candle holders, coffee table, console table, handing light, terrarium, sofa, and wing chair* by :CP:

The Vintage Sewing Shop*featuring sign, hanging spools, counter, thread satin box, thread mat box, three buttons box, thread sit, and shelf Rare* by Serenity Style

Vintage Sewing Set *includes Sewing Set Board, Fabric Rolls, Keep All Sewing set decor, and Sewing Machine Set* by Serenity Style

Warm Teddy Cushions by Serenity Style

Casa Spring Pantones Fabric Demo Item and Garden Terrace Fabric Demo Item by Fabric Lab *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Tazzo Home Decor Set *includes Tazzo Clock, Boxes in Blue, Home1, Home2, and Grey Puf* by Serenity Style

Toronto Study *featuring computer, industrial clock, pens, study armchair, study books, study book stack, carpet, chair, desk, drawer cabinet, plant, study art, cabinet, and industrial art* by Bazar

Print Collector’s Set *includes ‘Diana the Evening’ print, ‘Freedome of Conscience’ print, ‘Remedium’ print, ‘Triumphal Entry’ print, Petrified Wood, Print Books, Print Storage Table, and Wire Clock* by Fancy Decor

Screen Cabinet by Fancy Decor

Warm Words Set *includes Forever & Always, Home, and Live, Love, Laugh* by Fancy Decor

Bean Bag Chair by [ zerkalo ]

Book Lover’s Hassock with Books (rare), Book Lover’s – Book Stack with Leaning Book, and Book Lover’s – Commode with Books – Light Ash by ChiC Buildings *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

MESH Tropical Composition Vol2 and RugMesh_007 Texturized by CCDesign *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Mesh – Portland Fire Accessories by LISP

Melilla Set *featuring Melilla Daffodil Pitcher, Melilla Lemon Bowl, modern candlestick L, modern candlestick M, and modern candlestick S* by Kaerri

Kagan Set *featuring coffee table, chair 1, chair 2, couch, rug, vase trio, and yucco* by Kaerri

Cotton Heaven Curtain by Dreamland Designs *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Family Time Chair Tintable by NACH

Houseplant 8 – Mesh (2LI) by Emm Jacks

Canvas Collage (featuring One Love Rare and Temptation Rare) by HJM Designs *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Cotton Heaven Lovers Bedroom Set PG (includes Cotton XoXo Vase, Cotton Heaven Console Tables, Cotton Heaven Lamp,  Jane Austin Book With Glasses, Antler Chandelier, Cotton Heaven Lovers Bed/PG, Modern White Purse, and Cotton Heaven Fringe Rug) by Dreamland Designs *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Elegant Romance Accent Chair and Table (includes chairs, table, and vase) by HJM Designs *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Ottoman [Navy] Tex Change Blanket by PILOT

Book Lover’s – Book Stack Short (copy) by ChiC Buildings *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Vase001Texturized by CCDesign *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*


(claw mark) Garden Tree06 – dark brown(dg) a by HPMD

Closing Remarks:

A number of amazing designers have come together to fill 10 sims with home and garden decor, including textures and prefabs for you to personalize your spaces with. Each designer has items for sale with varying amounts being donated to RFL up to 100% of the sales. Along with the display items, several designers have Gacha machines and hunt items out for your pleasure. There is even one Sim dedicated to those who love breedables. You are sure to find something that tickles your fancy while at the same time helping raise money for noble cause. Several events are planned each day as well, along with a lantern release at 4pm slt. You have until March 6 to visit the RFL Home and Garden Expo.

February 29th Events of the Day (times in SLT)
11:00 am * KittyCats! RFL Auction with Ruby and LickN
4:00 pm *Lantern Release from the Theatre roof
5:00 pm * Prim Perfect Talks at the Home and Garden Expo

For more information visit SL Home & Garden Expo 2016.

RFL Home & Garden 2016

My Comfort Zone

My Comfort Zone

There was once this little space that stood barren and alone. A shopping trip with friends to browse through the creations of others left the owner of the little space in awe. Inspiration filled the owner as they wandered the market streets and items danced within the owners head. The owner of the little space continued to wander not buying as the friends did, but merely taking in the sites and making notes on key items that were needed to complete the vision that now held firmly within their head. The owner returned home empty handed and stood in the little space as the vision took on shape within the little room. The next day as the owner awoke they raced back to the little market to gather the items needed to make the little space whole.


My Comfort Zone2 My Comfort Zone3

Main House

Serene Tree & Windmill Home by LAQ Decor

Decor Items

Glam-Ottoman and Glam-FEMALE closet set by Bazar *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Book Lovers Gacha (featuring Book Stack with Leaning Book, Repurposed Veggie Storage (RARE), Tall Book Stack, Commode with Books Walnut, Book Stack Short, and Hassock with Books; 7 Common and 2 Rare) and Fly With Me Decor – donation item by ChiC Buildings *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Tropical Composition Vol1, Tropical Composition Vol3, Vase001Texturized, RugMesh_004 Texturized, RugMesh_005 Texturized, TriplePillows_1, and TriplePillows_2 by CCDesign *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

RFL Pink Hydrangeas (hunt gift), RFL Orchid Vase, and RFL Orchid Arrangement by Kaerri *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Closing Remarks:

I have fallen in love with decor items for my home. The minute I saw these items, I just knew I needed to have them. They have become the perfect edition to my home brightening up the space that was once barren. Each designer created incredible works of art all in support of such a worthy cause. If you have not had a chance to visit the 10 sims filled with various items revolving around the home and garden, you should take some time out of your day to visit the RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016, which runs until March 6.

February 20th Events of the day (times in SLT)
10:30am * KittyCatS! RFL Auction with Nino and Tawny
2:00pm * Prim Perfect Talks at the Home and Garden Expo
4:00pm * Lantern Release from the Theatre roof
5:00pm * Prim Perfect Talks at the Home and Garden Expo
8:00pm * DJ CowGrl

For more information visit SL Home & Garden Expo 2016.


Which Book Looks Good?

I went to the local book store to find something new to read the other day. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for since my tastes are very diverse. I knew I wanted a book that would last for some time, not something I would finish within an hour or two. I wasn’t sure if I wanted something old or something new. I searched amongst the books offered for something to read and ended up finding three books not one.

Which Book Looks Good Which Book Looks Good_skin

What I am wearing:


Top ~ Broken Tank – Blue by Kelli Kreations
Pants ~ Wide Pants Black *from the Open Shirt Set* by BlackRose *available at The Premium Only Event February 1-25*
Shoes ~ Raven Heels Onyx by ANE


Body ~ Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 by Maitreya
Feet ~ AvEnhance Feet Female High by SLink
Skin ~ Sohia Skin : chai by [DFB] Deluxe Body Factory *available at the Black Tie Event until February 22*
Shape ~ Jesse by -Belleza-
Hair ~ Midori – chocolate by Truth Hair
Eyes ~ Moka Eyes – Sapphire by [Buzz]

Props I am using:

Toronto Set by Bazar *featuring Living room bookshelf (empty), Living room bookshelf #2, Living room plant, books and plate decor, study plant, and Living room books*

Pile of Books #2 and #3 by [ zerkalo ]

Overall Opinion:

I fell in love with the tank top the minute I saw it. It comes in a number of colour options which makes it perfect for anyone. I choose to wear blue for this post but will admit I have opened the other colours to wear as well. I paired with a new favourite pant by BlackRose, which I also fell in love with the minute I saw them. I love this skin, it was given to me to blog for the Black Tie Event and I cannot get enough of it. I am curious to find out if it has other lip colour options. I love that it comes with appliers and system layer.

Black Tie Feb2016