Love is in the Laundry Room


Standing in the laundry room, I quietly hummed myself as I sorted out the piles of dirty belongings preparing them for the wash. Emptying pockets removing toys, crayons, rocks, and money I smiled at each piece that was forgotten in the pocket. Each item was cherished by the owner which made me smile at some of the oddities found within their pockets. My mother use to say that love is in the laundry room and I often wrinkled my nose looking at her and the daunting chore that never seems to end. It wasn’t until I had to empty the pockets and see the treasures my children keep. Love is in the laundry room waiting to be reclaimed by those who hold on to it.


Main House

Serene Tree & Windmill Home by LAQ Decor

Indoor Decor

Life Stories *includes Bench, Mirror, and Old Sieve* by Serenity Style *available at The Book of Daniel Fundraising Event until September 20th*

4. Rug by ~Pillows~

tiny dwelling – rag rug 12 by {vespertine}

Laundry Day *includes prints, pocket stuff, drying rack, rolling basket, old iron, ironing board, laundry sign, dirty towels, fancy cleaners, washer & dryer RARE, old fashioned soaps, detergents, clothes pins, dryer sheets, cabinet & shelves, and laundry sink RARE* by Second Spaces *available at The Arcade until September 30th*


[AnaLu] AvatarOpt (Caliah) whiter


Small Country House

Small Country House1

Nestled in the country side, stood tall a little house; filled with great character and many stories to tell. Every day around the same time, the neighbours would see a flock of crows flying overhead singling that the home owner was cooking and putting the refuse outside in their garden. Not one of the neighbours could tell you much about the home owner, just a few snippets of information was really known. The small house had been there for as long as anyone could tell, and they all said the same thing that it could use some love and improvements but no one was brave enough to suggest this. The home owner carried out the same routines, tending to their small garden and doing chores around the home. No one could tell if they ever left the property, but they knew once a week a small car would arrive at the same time and during these little visits, you could hear laughter and the tiny voices of children would drift through the wind.


Main House

Country Val House RARE by Serenity Style *available at The Crossroads until August 31*

Outside Decor

Small Country House2

Clay and Willows Vase Fi by StoraxTree

rocking chair/wood by {vespertine}

Indoor Decor

Small Country House3

Country Val *featuring Shutters, Stool, Apple Basket, Table, Cupboard, Vessels, and Bed by Serenity Style *available at The Crossroads until August 31*

Candy Jar Tall – Strawberry, Candy Jar Tall – Citrus, Candy Jar Tall – Blueberry, Candy Jar – Grape, Candy Jar – Blue Hawaiian, and Candy Jar – Citrus by [MALO]

Illa Lamp – Shiny Shabby Anniversary by concept}

Meli Heart *featuring Box, Pot, Pile of Pillows, Bowls, Sofa – RARE, and Mirror* and Rusty Set *includes Mirror, Blanket, Stuff Box, and Rusty Chest* by Serenity Style

Shabby Finds *featuring Rug, Frame, Mirrors, Finds RARE, Books, BirdHouse, and  Wagon*, Heart Light Present, Birdcage LTD, and Rug LTD by Apt B

Nature Love Branches Frame A and Nature Love Branches Frame B by *bbqq*

Always Deer Hanging Art by unKindness


raven flock, grass field green 01 – random and shrub large green by [we’re CLOSED]

Garden Tree08 – orange b and (claw mark) Garden Tree06 – dark brown(olive) a by HPMD



Cozy Cottage

Cozy Cottage1

Alone in her tiny home the cottage owner sits and drinks her tea. While many would question her station in life, she cannot be more content. She spends her days busy with her work and puttering around the little cottage. She listens to the chatter of her fur babies as they meander in and out of the house seeking their own adventures. Her nights are filled with quiet solitude as she prepares a meal or two and then sets to working once more on the next days tasks. Looking around the cottage one can tell the home is filled with love event though it is may be small. Alone she sits drinking her tea.


Main House

Dorina Cottage Sky by Trompe Loeil

Outside Decor

Cozy Cottage2 Cozy Cottage3

Rustic Spring Well Bb and Wood Trough A Florals Af by StoraxTree *Available now at the International Designers Expo from April 10 – May 4th*

Barrel Planter A Florals Dc, Feline Treasures – Big Game Hunter – Calico, The Great Escape – Home Run Calico, Spring Angel Statuary *available for 10L at the Dark Side Event until April 30*, Joie de Table D’Entree Ar *available at The Showroom*, Cafe Rug 44, Wood Trough A Florals Ad, and Terracotta Tower of Plants Be by StoraxTree

The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell Chair MT 1 by Scarlet Creative

“Cyprus Escape” Bench – Mediterra Mix (28 pos) by [CIRCA]

Victoria’s Hideaway – Dragonfly by Pixel Mode

Indoor Decor

Cozy Cottage4 Cozy Cottage5

Twisty Twigs Vase – Gold and Tile S, Twisty Twigs Vase – Gold and Tile G, Feline Treasures – Cream – Calico, Joie D’Eclair Decor Ca, Feline Treasures – Fishing – Calico, Feline Treasures – Sleep – Calico p, and Feline Hanging Bed Siamese Ac by StoraxTree

Fine Art Watercolour Bx by StoraxTree *Available now at the International Designers Expo from April 10 – May 4th*

Winter Princess *featuring Floor Vase and Flower Decor* by ~Pillows~

Shabby Chair Decor and Drawer by HIDEKI

chair with pillow (birds), square dining table, and chair with pillow (lace) by tarte.

Dolly *featuring Shauna’s Chair, Blanket Curio, Roses Jug, Ulysses Butterfly, Patchwork Rug, Dolly Bed RARE, Book Shelf, and Dolly Piano*, Fall Harvest Cake and Cherry Voulevants bby Apple Fall

Lucy Country Collection *featuring Plates Crate, Shelf RARE, Cupboard, Milk Jug single, Bowls, and Auxiliar Table* and Kira Travel Closet by Serenity Style

Flea Market Finds – vintage lunch boxes by Second Spaces

Phoebe’s Patchwork Set *featuring Plank WallArt, Birdcage Lamp, Composition Notebook, Digital Picture Frame – Rustic, Boho Console Table, Boho Rug Pile, Book Decor Dollarbie, and Patchwork Chair w/ Pillow (PG)* by :CP:

hanging paper ornament 3 by {vespertine}

Strange Things Happen

I have learned that strange things happen when you least expect them. I had never once expected to form a close bond with people I have never met outside of Second Life. These people have become a part of me in RL so much so that when they hurt I hurt for them and long to take away their pain, when they are happy I share in their joy. At the same time I never expected that Second Life would enable me to virtually see those who have been in my life forever but cannot visit with in RL because of where they now live. Strange and wonderful things happen I have learned when you least expect it.

Strange Things Happen1 Strange Things Happen2

What I am wearing:


Outfit ~ Tyra – Charcoal by !Glitterati!
Shoes ~ The Compression Wedges #5 by Loordes of London


Body ~ Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Maitreya
Feet ~ AvEnhance Feet Female High by SLink
Skin ~ Zara – Jamaica 08 by Glam Affair
Shape ~ Jesse by -Belleza-
Hair ~ Savina (Mesh) – chocolate by Truth Hair
Eyes ~ Moka Eyes – Sapphire by [Buzz]

Poses I am using:

sassy by !bang poses

What KohaniRose is wearing:

Outfit ~ Trouble Maker outfit [Knuckles] by Simple Candy

Props I am using:

Quinn Chair Emerald (PG) and Modern Industrial Chair (PG) by :CP:

Knitting Basket (v3) and nter’ Laurel Rug by {what next}

shortbread cookies by dust bunny

a faint glow gacha {2} by :HAIKEI:

bookcart for him 4 and embroidery gallery by {vespertine}

postcard collection/hipster by floorplan.

Starry Nation Framed Wall Art by Jian

Stained Glass Suncatcher (featuring Black & White Kitty, Fairy Rare, Tree Frog, and Sailboat) by [ free bird ]

=Cat 7= by Cute Doll Dudinha’s

Ferrum Set: Bicycle Planter by Bokeh

Venezia Brown Striped Victorian Floor Lam by Chez Fayre

Overall Opinion:

I love this dress. I would wear it to work and more then likely get in trouble with administration for violating some for of dress code. It is perfect for work and play