The Sitting Room

Often we find ourselves standing in a small empty space wondering what we should fill it with. Sometimes, we create a lavishly decorated room that leaves people admired with out skills. Other times, we go with a minimalist approach and stand back taking in the room and satisfied with our “less is more” frame of mind that day. Adorned in neutral tones with a hint of colour here and there, the small sitting room stood out from the other spaces within the house, and I couldn’t be happier.


Main House

Coille Home by :CP: Cheeky Pea

Indoor Decor

Inspired Space Desk by Serenity Style *from the May Deco(c)rate*

Guest Chair, Guest Sofa, and Guest Stool by [Ds] Dictatorshop *available at the Home & Garden Expo until June 4*

Vintage Lamp – Deco – by AZ Emporium *available at the Home & Garden Expo until June 4*

Birch Display / Clear on Black and Dead Orchard Decor / Oak – A by [ Cabal ] *available at the Home & Garden Expo until June 4*

Havelland Rug, Metallic Skyline B, and Metallic Skyline A by {Q-Essentials}


AnaLu *studio* 5

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