Time to Relax

A little sigh escapes her slightly open mouth as she removes her shoes at the door and spies the inflamed logs nestled in fireplace. Slowly she moves from the door crossing in front of the stairs, stopping briefly lost in thoughts of the work waiting upstairs and the warmth of the fire that was before her. Shaking her head ever so slightly she pushes the work load side and makes way for the warmth of her slippers, the comfort of familiar pages, and chucks seeing her little fur friend step out from behind the armchair. In that moment she set in her decision. It was time to relax.


Main House

Outside Decor

the dreamers cottage by dust bunny

Indoor Decor

Canadian Friendly Ferrets *featuring Standing Sable* by Serenity Style *available at 6 Republic until November 20*

Dean Fall Fireplace Set *includes fireplace, decor stool, and metal logs basket* by Serenity Style 

Jojo Cozy Set *includes armchair, blankets, book & mug, hot water bag, and slippers* by Serenity Style *from the November 2017 Deco(c)rate*

Gift Deer Rare and Hanging Elf by Serenity Style

Paper Trees *includes music and words* and Wooden Snowflake *a, b, and c* by Fancy Decor

xmas box wrapping set – white by [sf] shutter field

Delilah Blossom Solid Curtain by :CP: Cheeky Pea


Garden Tree08 – snowy a by HPMD


Day cycle based


The Sitting Room

Often we find ourselves standing in a small empty space wondering what we should fill it with. Sometimes, we create a lavishly decorated room that leaves people admired with out skills. Other times, we go with a minimalist approach and stand back taking in the room and satisfied with our “less is more” frame of mind that day. Adorned in neutral tones with a hint of colour here and there, the small sitting room stood out from the other spaces within the house, and I couldn’t be happier.


Main House

Coille Home by :CP: Cheeky Pea

Indoor Decor

Inspired Space Desk by Serenity Style *from the May Deco(c)rate*

Guest Chair, Guest Sofa, and Guest Stool by [Ds] Dictatorshop *available at the Home & Garden Expo until June 4*

Vintage Lamp – Deco – by AZ Emporium *available at the Home & Garden Expo until June 4*

Birch Display / Clear on Black and Dead Orchard Decor / Oak – A by [ Cabal ] *available at the Home & Garden Expo until June 4*

Havelland Rug, Metallic Skyline B, and Metallic Skyline A by {Q-Essentials}


AnaLu *studio* 5

Be sure to stop by the Home & Garden Expo and explore the many designers who are helping with a great cause!