The Mans Space

The Mans Space

The young mans mother sat back taking in the scene before her. She watched as little pieces were put into place as her son and his friends moved about the tiny apartment. Catching his glance, she smiled at her son and wondered where the time had gone. Sitting down at the small table she smiled as she recalled the day she had held for the first time. She sat there remembering every cut, bump, and bruise. She recalled how she felt on the first day of school, kissing her little guy goodbye for the day. Sitting down beside her, her son wiped the tears away. She took his hand and smiled looking at the young man beside her, but seeing the little boy instead. Where had the time gone, she wondered as she watched her son take flight.


Main House

Aksal Skybox by :CP: Cheeky Pea

Indoor Decor

The Farm Collection and Out of the Water Collection by {Q-Essentials}

Apartment *includes floor lamp, chair, side table, and vase* by Kaerri

Fur rug black by **Mistique**

Coffee Table Multiposes Sunshine by CHEZ MOI

Movie DVD Player (Black) by Lightening Video



Beach Getaway

Beach Getaway

The waves crash gently upon the shore as seagulls fly over head singing their ode to the warm day. The little hut had been prepared the night before for the new guest that would stay there for the weekend. Not much was known about the stranger who would dwell inside, all the owners knew was that she was here to do some writing away from the busy city life. Her book was due by Monday and the beach was the perfect place to hide away from the world for a few days. They had removed all forms of communication from the hut as the stranger had requested, even removing the television and the radio. The fridge was fully stalked for the time that would be spent there.


Featured Items

Dreams Beach *includes frame, hanger, hut – rare, pin grey, pin pink, pin yellow, tata, and surfing boards* by Serenity Style *available at Dream Gacha Fair until April 28*

Other Items

Star Cushion Sunshine by CHEZ MOI