Where Love Overflows

Wanting a quiet place to call her own the little girl went to work carefully dragging her favourite items from within their home in hopes that her mom would not catch her. The carefully selected couch cushions, throw rug, and the blanket from her parents bed were the first items to disappear. The throw pillows and small table where she planned on putting her favourite book to read were next. Silently she came and went without much notice as she pieced together her little spot by the waterfall. Stopping to get a snack, she smiled at her mom as she ate the cookies on the plate. She watched as her mom disappeared from the kitchen and came back after a short while. Not much was exchanged between the pair as she trotted off to finish her project. She dragged her favourite book outside to read while she surrounded herself with the sounds of the waterfall and nature, only to find some new toys surrounding her little spot of quiet. She smiled as her little heart filled with her mothers love.


Bohemian Set *includes tent, rug, cushions, and table* by Serenity Style *exclusive item for MadPea Deco(c)rate March*

My Pretty Wooden Bunnies *featuring Pretty Wooden Bunnie- Gold Clock RARE, Pretty Wooden Bunnie- Bucket Teal, and Pretty Wooden Bunnie- Flower ULTRA RARE* by Serenity Style *available at The Crossroads until March 28*

Rag Bunnies *featuring Rag Bunny RARE and Rag Bunny.7* by Serenity Style

Adorable Teddy Bears *featuring Florist and Couple Love Rare * by {YD} Your Dreams *available at SaNaRae until March 18*


grass field green 01 – random by [we’re CLOSED]

(Sculpt)Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(warm colors)*b by HPMD

Chyra Waterfall – 1 – 64m – C/M by Heart Garden Center

PATAGONIA LITE Sim Surround [6.0] by Landscapes Unlimited




Little Winter Village


Sometime during the night snow fell covering the front patio with rolling small hills of snow. I woke to hear the dog barking and the cat hissing and I made every attempt to hush them, for I was certain they were bothered by the raccoon that frequented our trash cans. Eventually they curled up at the foot of my bed and returned to their rhythmic snoring. In the morning I rushed around the house preparing for an outing with family and friends. I opened the door only to stop in my tracks as the little village glistened in the snow. Two tiny robots, where they came from I do not know, stopped moving around and looked at me. I forgot what I was doing as the little robots returned to work planting trees around their little winter village.


Main House

lakeside cottage by [ba] Barnsworth Anubis

Outside Decor

My little winter town *featuring Concrete House, Church, fence, fountain with light, ground, pines, single pine, 3 houses, and Wood House* by Serenity Style

Tiny Heart Robot *featuring Robot – BLUE and Robot – GREY* by Serenity Style *available at Shiny Shabby until January 15*