Little Winter Village


Sometime during the night snow fell covering the front patio with rolling small hills of snow. I woke to hear the dog barking and the cat hissing and I made every attempt to hush them, for I was certain they were bothered by the raccoon that frequented our trash cans. Eventually they curled up at the foot of my bed and returned to their rhythmic snoring. In the morning I rushed around the house preparing for an outing with family and friends. I opened the door only to stop in my tracks as the little village glistened in the snow. Two tiny robots, where they came from I do not know, stopped moving around and looked at me. I forgot what I was doing as the little robots returned to work planting trees around their little winter village.


Main House

lakeside cottage by [ba] Barnsworth Anubis

Outside Decor

My little winter town *featuring Concrete House, Church, fence, fountain with light, ground, pines, single pine, 3 houses, and Wood House* by Serenity Style

Tiny Heart Robot *featuring Robot – BLUE and Robot – GREY* by Serenity Style *available at Shiny Shabby until January 15*


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