Decorating has Begun


Piece by piece, the house began to fill with the seasons spirit. Snowmen adored each room, wall hangings clung to the walls. A tree could be found standing tall and proud on each floor of the little house. Slowly, crates were pulled from the attic and crawl spaces. Each decoration had its’ special place of honor within the house. Slowly the decorating had begun.


Main House

Hardwick Manor by Apple Fall

Indoor Decor

My little reindeer- wear by Serenity Style *gift from the MadPea Christmas Calendar for 2016*

Cozy Cute Troop *featuring BLUE BOY -REZ and STARS GIRL -REZ* by Serenity Style *available at The Crossroads until December 29*

3 PCS Frosted Red Velvet Container Set, Blocky Snowman, Cork Wine Tree Decor, Onyz Atlas 3pcs Container Set, Warm Winter Wishes Sign, and Westwood Chestnut Cabinet by {Q-Essentials} *available at The Frozen Fair until December 16*

Baby It’s Cold Outside by {Q-Essentials} *available at The Pretty Things Showroom until January 3*

Havelland Rug by {Q-Essentials}

Stringlight Soiree Curtains – Black – Tied by +Half-Deer+

christmas tree RARE by dust bunny


Bree’s appleblossom


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