The Snowmen Did It


We had just settled down to enjoy a nice warm meal together when heard the strangest sounds coming from outside. Much to everyone’s surprise Granny was the first to the door to find out what was going on. We watched on as she peaked through the curtains and then our jaws dropped as she threw open the door and yelled “Caught Ya!” Suddenly we were all at the door to see what Granny had seen, but we saw no one. We looked at each other and then at Granny. One tiny little voice called out from behind the crowd “Granny, what you see?” Granny laughed and pointed to no where in particular and just smiled as she said “The Snowmen did it.” We watched Granny return to her seat and begin to eat her dinner as if nothing at all really occurred.


Main House

lakeside cottage by [ba] Barnsworth Anubis

Outside Decor

Christmas at Home *featuring Mr Snowman, Mrs Snowman, Christmas Tree, and Sleigh Rare* by {YD} Your Dreams *available at Tres Chic until December 10*

Decorate your Christmas *featuring Jingle Bells Tree, Reindeer, and Snowman* by {YD} Your Dreams



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