First Snow Fall


You could smell it in the air before opening the door and the excitement filled the air as boots were yanked onto little feet and the frantic search of mittens and hats ensued. Squeals of joy filled the air as doors banged open and were left swinging on their hinges. The first snow fall of the season was met with great joy as young and old disembarked their homes and danced amongst the fresh winter blanket. Couples sat on their porches watching the young engage in snowball battles, build snowmen, and build snow forts. Some even dawned their own snowsuits in pursuit of reclaiming childhood memories and making new ones with their own children or grandchildren.


Main House

lakeside cottage by [ba] Barnsworth Anubis

Outside Decor

Wooden Swing Bench and Snow Birds Fence by Serenity Style *available at #unitedandkind until December 11*

Winter Ground Cover by Serenity Style *available at the Winter Market Sale until December 12*

milk churn – xmas, sled with decor, rustic joy decor – red, and dear santa sign by [sf] shutter field *available at the Winter Market Sale until December 12*

Animated Red Nosed Reindeer [mesh] by -Hanaya-


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