Gnome Invasion


Little is know about the Gnomes that have come to invade the Lodge. Guests noticed odd things moving around the common area that had once been in other locations. Some believed it was the house keepers up to a bit of fun. Some believed it was other visitors trying to bring light to the looming snow that held them within their location. One young mischievous visitor to the Lodge wandered the quiet building early one morning, only to find the Gnomes scattered around the fireplace. With a little giggle escaping from her mouth the Gnomes froze, not moving, nor giving away that they were there. Slowly the little visitor moved forward to get a closer look at the Gnomes and smiled whispering to them “Your secret is safe with me, I will not tell the adults about you.” She turned and made her way back to the room she was staying in. When everyone woke to the smell of breakfast being prepared, the young mysterious visitor raced from her room with her parents calling after her to slow down. A frown crossed her face when she noticed the Gnomes were no longer by the fireplace.


Indoor Decor

Winter Gnome Collection *featuring Buttons, Glasses, Home, Red, Sky, and with Sack* by Serenity Style *available at Whimsical until December 3*

Sim Location:

Nouvelles Aventures


Bree’s appleblossom


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