Snow Friends


Walking through the forest paying no particular attention to one single item around her, but rather enjoying the sounds of crunching snow beneath her feet and the sounds of birds singing off in the distance, the younger wandered father and father into the winter forest. Suddenly her little ears picked up on another sound, light and joyful singing. Stopping to gain her bearings and figure out where the sound was coming from the younger girl smiled and turned away from the path she was following in search of the singing. She came upon a little clearing and pushed aside some low hanging limbs to find a troupe of snowman playing joyfully and singing a lovely song.


Outside Decor

Family Snowman *featuring Little Bear, Smile, Cute, Melted Rare, Romantic, Silly, Skier Rare, and The Police* by { YD } Your Dreams *available at SaNaRae from November 26-December 18*

Sim Location:

Nouvelles Aventures




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