And I Think to Myself


During the day my thoughts are filled to the brim with any given number of items; work, people, media, what is happening around the world. These thoughts intrude my sleep most days, as my brain attempts to sort out their relevance and meaning. Information comes in and rarely leaves, it lingers in my thoughts always. Those around me often ask why I look tired or how do I know that and will comment that I need to shut my brain off some days, and I think to myself if only it were that simple. The only time I really find reprieve from my thoughts and the information overload I sustain every day, is when I find the time to sit and read a good book in the comfort of my home.


Main House

Serene Tree & Windmill Home by LAQ Decor

Indoor Decor

And I think to myself *includes book, chair, shelf, and vase* by Serenity Style *available at LTD The Event until September 26*

Irene Mouse- RARE by Serenity Style

Toronto-Living room bookshelf 1 by ~Bazar~

The Bard’s Folio by [ zerkalo ]

Fall Rug 1 by Fancy Decor




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