Memories of Yesterday


Slowly she walked into the house where her granddaughter lived, she was there to have dinner and visit with her great grandchildren. She looked forward to her weekly visits since it made her feel young and important again. This time the visit was different; this time she was not in the present, for she was lost in the past. She stood starring at the decor in the front entrance transfixed to the spot where she stood. She smiled watching the little ones pick up some toys and then looked over at her granddaughter, lost in her thoughts, she flashed a child like smile and asked if she could hear her momma play the violin. Her granddaughter looked at her, smiled back and simply nodded to her grandmother picking up the violin. Her mother use to play when she was a little girl; as her granddaughter began to play she swayed to the music. Her granddaughter never once corrected her, she just played and allowed her grandmother to have the moment lost within the memory of her mother.


Main House

Serene Tree & Windmill Home by LAQ Decor

Indoor Decor

The Memories *includes Door, Boots, Hat Box, Metronome, Table, Tea Cup, and Violin Rare* by Serenity Style *available at The Crossroads until September 28*

Irene Bunny- RARE by Serenity Style




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