Private Practice

Private Practice

In the little house down the quiet lane, lives a doctor. Patients come and go throughout the day and often the doctor leaves their home to make a house call. Once the doctor worked from a busy office space where patients sat in a little waiting room packed to the brim; the doctor grew tired of hearing their complaints and decided it was best to make them feel more comfortable and at home. The doctor moved the practice into a private wing of the family home. Now the patients wait for their turn without complaint as they enjoy their tea and cakes.


Main House

willow farmhouse by dust bunny

Indoor Decor

Night Owl Writer’s Desk, Night Owl Writer’s Chair, and Trapped Mirror *Midnight* by irrie’s {Dollhouse} *available at Lovecraft Festival until August 23*

:TAKUMI: Room Sitting Set *featuring Shoji Screen – Redwood Frame, Paper Table Light – Black Wood, Bonzai Planter – Grey / Deep Red Flowers, Side Table – Door open – Redwood, Highback Chair – Redwood (9 fabrics /14 pos), Floor Vase – Paint Drip / Floral Mix, Floor Pillow B – 9 Fabric Menu (8 pos), and Velvet Area Rug – Sabre Grey w/ Red trim* by [CIRCA]

The Unfinished Game by Journey for Prism

Bluebird Spring Arrangement by Kaerri

the knowledge tree – Brown by THE BOX


Places Paris


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