Smile for the Camera

Smile for the Camera

The sun shone warmly upon the dirt trail, leading the young couple down the path before them. The walked slowly, holding each other close not speaking just taking in the moment they now had together. The young lady warmed her face in the suns rays as she took in her boyfriends features; noticing out of the corner of his eye he smiled and kissed the top of her head. As they rounded the corner, they came upon a clearing that had been carefully decorated. For a moment they shared a look, questioning the other on if they had done this. They moved forward taking the risk, smiling as they prepared to make a special memory out of the moment together.


Featured Decor

Making the Moment *featuring Board, Dimbo boy Rare, Dimbo girl Rare, Tree polaroid – Green, Tree polaroid – Pink, and Tree polaroid – Blue* by {YD} Your Dreams *available at Cosmopolitan until August 27*

Additional Decor

Fennec Fox – Antwatching by +Half-Deer+

White Outdoor Lantern and Black Outdoor Lantern by ***PERSNICKITY***

butterfly 2 orange, butterfly 1 white, butterfly 1 blue, butterfly 2 blue, and butterfly 1 orange by [we’re CLOSED]


Garden Tree08 with Lights – orange c, Garden Tree08 with Lights – snowy b, (Mesh) Sweet Garden Grass06 – white*a, and (Sculpt) Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(cool colors)*a by HPMD

grass field green 02 – random by [we’re CLOSED]




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