Outdoor Picture Show

Outdoor Picture Show

I had scoured the internet searching for a cozy Bed and Breakfast that provided just a little bit more than a room for the night and a light meal in the morning. I wanted something that would go the extra step to ensure I enjoyed my visit to their home and community while I enjoyed some time away before I resumed my duties at work. I had searched for days prior to my departure. Starting to give up hope, one popped up out of no where as if it was calling my name. “Outdoor Picture Shows in the evenings” stood out calling my name and soon my fingers were dancing on the keys as I booked my stay for a few nights.


Featured Decor

Under the Summer Stars *featuring popcorn bag, cinema screen, movies box, proyector Rare, puf, rug, and table; not shown holdable popcorn bag* by Serenity Style *available at The Liaison Collaborative until August 31*

Outside Decor

Yara Treehouse by Trompe Loeil


Garden Tree07 – green a by HPMD

grass field green 02 – round by [we’re CLOSED]


Phototools- Moon Light 03


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