Small Country House

Small Country House1

Nestled in the country side, stood tall a little house; filled with great character and many stories to tell. Every day around the same time, the neighbours would see a flock of crows flying overhead singling that the home owner was cooking and putting the refuse outside in their garden. Not one of the neighbours could tell you much about the home owner, just a few snippets of information was really known. The small house had been there for as long as anyone could tell, and they all said the same thing that it could use some love and improvements but no one was brave enough to suggest this. The home owner carried out the same routines, tending to their small garden and doing chores around the home. No one could tell if they ever left the property, but they knew once a week a small car would arrive at the same time and during these little visits, you could hear laughter and the tiny voices of children would drift through the wind.


Main House

Country Val House RARE by Serenity Style *available at The Crossroads until August 31*

Outside Decor

Small Country House2

Clay and Willows Vase Fi by StoraxTree

rocking chair/wood by {vespertine}

Indoor Decor

Small Country House3

Country Val *featuring Shutters, Stool, Apple Basket, Table, Cupboard, Vessels, and Bed by Serenity Style *available at The Crossroads until August 31*

Candy Jar Tall – Strawberry, Candy Jar Tall – Citrus, Candy Jar Tall – Blueberry, Candy Jar – Grape, Candy Jar – Blue Hawaiian, and Candy Jar – Citrus by [MALO]

Illa Lamp – Shiny Shabby Anniversary by concept}

Meli Heart *featuring Box, Pot, Pile of Pillows, Bowls, Sofa – RARE, and Mirror* and Rusty Set *includes Mirror, Blanket, Stuff Box, and Rusty Chest* by Serenity Style

Shabby Finds *featuring Rug, Frame, Mirrors, Finds RARE, Books, BirdHouse, and  Wagon*, Heart Light Present, Birdcage LTD, and Rug LTD by Apt B

Nature Love Branches Frame A and Nature Love Branches Frame B by *bbqq*

Always Deer Hanging Art by unKindness


raven flock, grass field green 01 – random and shrub large green by [we’re CLOSED]

Garden Tree08 – orange b and (claw mark) Garden Tree06 – dark brown(olive) a by HPMD




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