Moon Beams and Cupcakes

Moon Beams and Cupcakes

The little girl looked up into her mothers eyes and smiled as her mother looked down at her, she reached up a little hand and touched her face. “Momma?” she asked in her crackly voice. Her mother smiled and replied “Yes, my little dove?” The little girl looked around her and pointed at the small calendar adorning the wall beside the door. “My birthday is coming up momma, I will be five soon.” she said a beaming with excitement. Her mother nodded and leaned over whispering into her ear “What would you like for your birthday, my little dove?” The girl raced from the room, returning moments later holding up a small picture she had carefully clipped from the magazine at school. Showing it to her mother she chirped in her crackly voice “Moon beams and cupcakes to share with all my friends, momma.” Her mother smiled down and her and nodded; plans had already been set it motion as she had found the little picture while cleaning up toys in the small girls room.


Main Building

Yara Treehouse by Trompe Loeil

Featured Decor

Sweet Dreams Party *featuring Moon Swing, Chair, Cupcakes Rare, Place Setting Moon, Cake Rare, Decorative Panel, Lamplight Moon and Stars, Stars Floor, and Table* by {YD} Your Dreams *available at The Crossroads until August 31*


Bree’s appleblossom


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