Midnight Wedding

Midnight Wedding1 Midnight Wedding2

The bride had requested a special wedding, one that would be spoken about for months after the event had been held. She searched for the perfect spot to hold the wedding, one that had the best lighting. Once she found the spot, those that had wandered around behind her, began to prepare the seating area for the ceremony. The cater arrived and set to work preparing delicious meals and setting up tables for the guests. The hour was soon near and the guests were on their way. The bride rushed off to get ready for her midnight wedding before the groom and their guests saw her.


Featured Decor

Wedding Sun’s Morning *featuring Garden Hearts, Altar Table, Anemones, Cake Rare, Candle Can, Chair Ceremony, Chair Reception, Cupcake Rare, Lollipop Rare, Pergola, Place Setting, and Table* by {YD} Your Dreams *available at Cosmopolitan until August 13*

Additioinal Decor

The Secret Ruins Rare, Distressed phone cabin, Distressed wall gate Rare, Distressed Piled Windows, Planter Shelf, Aloe, Forest Bench, and Piled Messy Chairs by *ionic*


Tunnel of Tree M16-1 v1-2 P2G by Hayabusa Design

grass field green 02 – round by [we’re CLOSED]

Garden Tree08 with Lights – orange a by HPMD

dead trees with accessories by 3D Trees




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