Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic

What once was thought to a be fictional tale told to children, soon became reality one day as a small child wandered away from her home to find her teddy bear. She had searched all over the house while her parents thought she was napping. Finding nothing she wandered outdoors and soon found a trail of her precious bears favourite cookies. She had always told her parents that the small bear was alive but they never believed her, now she had the proof she needed. She followed the trail and soon heard chatter coming from the small clearing near the stream. Slowly she crept closer and closer until she could not contain herself anymore and ran into the middle of the party, sending bears scattering in all directions. The little girl had found the secret teddy bear picnic.


Outside Decor

Party Forest Kids *includes Fox Rare, Bunny Rare, Cake Rare, Cookie Rare, Deer Rare, 4 Heart Chairs, Hedgehog Rare, Scrub, 2 Tables, Tree leaves, Tree leaves owl, and 3 Tree of hearts* by {YD} Your Dreams *available at SaNaRae until August 16*


Garden  dotty wild grass {colorful} 1prim ring by anc *available for Fifty Linden Friday July 29*

Garden Tree07 – green a, Garden Tree08 with Lights – orange a, (claw mark) Garden Tree06 – dark brown(dg) a, and Dirt Road/curve – light brown by HPMD

grass field green 02 – round by [we’re CLOSED]

Sunflowers{Field} by Little Branch

Sim Location:

~Nouvelles Aventures~


Bree’s appleblossom


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