Love is Beautiful

Love is Beautiful

Everyone has a story of love gained or love lost. We share these stories with the world around us through various forms of love. The love we have for our families that we are born into, is one that often brings great joy or can be one of sorrow; this is our first love. We grow and form bonds with other people who come into our lives in the form of friendships, our second love is a special bond that we share with those who we choose to give our love to. As adults we find that one person we cannot live without, we create our own family with them; our third and fourth love. Our love is not limited to people though. It comes in many shapes and forms from our pets to a favourite book that we cannot live without. Love is a wondrous thing, it blossoms in the most expecting places and connects us with others. Love is beautiful with you can true love and share it with others.


Main House

Aksal Skybox by :CP: Cheeky Pea

Indoor Decor

Sunshine Wedding Set *includes dinnerware, table, chair, cupcakes, tulip vase, cake, cookies, lamplight* by {YD} Your Dreams

Hello Mine by **Mistique**

Our Family Together and Love in Black and White by {Q-Essentials}

Paris Flower Market Pink, Paris Flower Market Cerise, Daisy Bucket, and Chartress Cabinet by Kaerri

Winter Dream – Rug and Chandelier by [ zerkalo ]




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