Early Mornings

Early Mornings

There is nothing better then being able to enjoy the wide open spaces during ones vacation no matter how long they may be; even if it is for just a night or two to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy work week. I always say that my vacations will be filled with sleeping in, enjoying the remainder of my day to its fullest, and staying up later than normal. Let’s face it though, this never happens… I never sleep in past my normal wake up time. I am the person you see outside before the birds start singing their songs. I am an early riser no matter the time I go to bed. I thrive off the fresh morning smells, the sounds of birds off in the distance, and the sound of a dog barking somewhere in the distance. I particularly enjoy this when I am out camping and can enjoy a cup of tea in my chair before the rest of my family wakes for the day and starts to fill the peaceful air with shouts of excitement.


Outside Decor

Cute Camping Gacha *featuring Caravan Rare, Balloons Light Line, Chair, Crates, Fridge, Guitar, Mug, and Table* by Serenity Style *available at The Crossroads Event until July 31*

French Bulldog by O.M.E.N

Bottle Terrarium [gacha] by ChiMia

Country Bucket & Dryer, A day of the life Shed – Mirror, A day of the life Shed – Eggs Bowl, A day of the life Shed – Mini Stool, and Holy the Bunny -Green Dots by Serenity Style

Spring Living – Vintage Books by -tb- tres blah

Feline Treasures Naptime B Siamese i by StoraxTree


grass field green 02 – round by [we’re CLOSED]

dead trees with accessories by 3D Trees


Phototools- Horizon Building Light


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