The Basement Dweller

The Basement Dweller

There is a place within the home that most seem to avoid, they complain about the dampness, the bugs, and the creepy crawlies. There is one though who dwells within the basement, with the only sunlight coming in from a few tiny windows. She enjoys the warmth in the winter and the coolness in the summer. She never complains about her little space for she finds it perfect and meets her needs. She fills the space with bright colours and eclectic pieces that she adores. She lives in the basement and would not ask for it any other way.


Main House

Lake Side Basement house part1 (3Bed/2Bath) by ROOST

Indoor Decor

Alma BedCloset by Serenity Style *available at LTD The Event until June 26*

Poly the Cat – Grey Striped by Serenity Style

Carved Woodland Animals (White Owl), Stringlight Clutter – Loose Coil, Stringlight Clutter – Long, and Stringlight Clutter – Heart by +Half-Deer+

venturer wood print / feather by floorplan. & willow

[George] hat stand . light . cloth & hat and  [George] chair . light by Sway’s

Scattered Wine by :CP: Cheeky Pea

Jigsaw Puzzle – Absinthe and Clay and Willows Vase CP by StoraxTree

Retro Rug by Fancy Decor

Metallic Jar Candle-Blue by A.D.D.Andel!


Places Paris


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