My Little Space

My Little Space

Each of us has one space within their environment that they call their own; a place where they go to either be alone or to refocus themselves. I have a space, where I go to find solitude, quiet, or just to enjoy some time with my thoughts. My space is filled a variety of things on any given day. One day you may find craft items strewn about the room, other day you may find piles of books, or you may find a small radio and pillows. My space is my own area, where I go to work on projects, to venture off to new places, or just to relax my mind and body. It is my space, whether it is sparse or filled with clutter – ok maybe not clutter as I am not over keen on distractions and mess.


Outside Decor

A day in the life *includes cushions, eggs bowl, ladder, mini stool, mirror, shed – rare, and tapestry* by Serenity Style *available at Shiny Shabby until June 15*

paper butterflies by dust bunny & windsong

kitsch bird lamp by junk.

Farm Living *featuring Wooden Washtub, Shelf, and Rug* by Apt B

Ombre Cactus – Short – Twilight, Fennec Fox – Antwatching, Stringlight Clutter – Loose Coil, and Deer Planter – Grey by +Half-Deer+

Spring Living – Vintage Books by -Tres Blah-

Winter Dream – Books1 by [ zerkalo ]


Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(cool colors)*a by HPMD


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