Forest Cottage

Forest Cottage1

Nestled in the forest dwells a little cottage. Hidden away from the rest of society the painter finds peace in the solitude and inspiration in her surroundings. Each day she wakes and carries out the same routines before embarking into the forest in search of an animal or cluster of foliage to paint. Deadlines come and go and she had never missed one yet. Each theme differed slightly from the previous one but could always be found within her surrounding. The forest cottage was the perfect place for a painter who specialized in nature.


Main House

“Sun Forest Cottage” c/m 1.1 by DaD DESIGN *available at Shiny Shabby until May 15*

Outside Decor

Forest Cottage2

Homestead Primitives *featuring Ladder, Bench, Carriage, and Chair* by Apt B *available at Shiny Shabby until May 15*

[Kaden] Rug with fringes . natural by Sway’s

Antique Metal Garden Set *includes Antique Damask Garden Chairs, Paper Flower Pot, Vintage Heart Candle, and Antique Garden Table* by Dreamland Designs

Indoor Decor

Forest Cottage3 Forest Cottage4

Noelia Vase, Meli Heart Set *featuring Sofa – RARE,  Mirror,  Bowls,  Box,  Pot, and  Pile of Pillows*, and Lost in time *featuring door RARE, table, rug, box for everything, hanger, behave frame, and define yourself frae* by Serenity Style

Book Lover’s Hassock with Books (rare) (copy) and Book Lover’s – Commode with Books – Shabby White (copy) by ChiC Buildings

Love Nest-Vintage-Rug and Love Nest-Vintage-Love Sign by [ zerkalo ]

Clay and Willows Vase CP, Clay and Willows Vases Duo Ae, Clay and Willows Vase Bc, Clay and Willows Vase CK, Feline Treasures Naptime B CL Leopard L by StoraxTree

Bicolore Vase – Blue, Bicolore Vase – Coral, and Brit’s Loveseat by Kalopsia

Loved You Yesterday Wall Decal and Live Laugh Love Wall Decal by {Q-Essentials}

Kagan Vase trio by Kaerri

TexturizedPillows001_6, TexturizedPillows001_4, TexturizedPillows001_5, and RugMesh_009 Texturized by CCDesigns

Shabby Finds * featuring Frame, Cabinet RARE,  Jars, Mirrors, and Doors* and Birdcage LTD by Apt B

Bamboo Red Dragon Vase by (VR)

Spring Living – Vintage Books by -tb- Tres Blah

Dolly *featuring Piano, Shauna’s Chair, Patchwork Rug, Roses Jug, Blanket Curio, Book Shelf, and Ulysses Butterfly*, Hat Box, Georgian Dollhouse, and Botanical Prints (3) by Apple Fall 

chair with pillow (birds), square dining table, and chair with pillow (lace) by tarte.

small spaces kitchen *featuring sink cabinet, vintage stove, corner cabinet, vintage fridge, and end cabinet*, apple pie and warm cocoa by dust bunny

“Ornamental Green Vase with butterflies” c/m by DaD DESIGN

Tabby Pillow by Fancy Decor

Towel cart – Flowers and candle by !! Follow US !!

Nature Love Branches Frame B and Nature Love Branches Frame A by *bbqq*


Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(cool colors)*b by HPMD*

Enchanted Woods v2 -8 (3 group) and Enchanted Woods v2 – 6 (slope) by Studio Skye

Realistic Nature Pond Scene 37 Prim 20x25m Size copy/mody 1 by Landscaping by Felix


Places Paris


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