Country Living

Country Living

Nestled in the prairies the little house stood. Signs of wear and tear showed on the siding of the house long forgotten. Slowly the weary traveler drew closer wondering if someone still called it home. Knocking on the door, the traveller hoped for a place to rest his tired feet. Hearing a faint noise from within, he tried the handle pushing on the door. As it gave way he called out “Anyone home?” and took a step inside. Hear a faint reply he ventured through the house feeling as if he stepped into a different world. While the outside had not been maintained the inside shone as if it was brand new. The old lady smiled seeing the weary traveller and motioned for him to have a seat while she prepared a plate of food and a glass of cold drink.


Main House

CountryLivin Victorian Skybox RARE by unKindness *available at the Gacha Garden until May 31*

Indoor Decor

CountryLivin *featuring Wagon Wheel Ladleier, L Blue Linens, R Blue Linens, Rolling Pin Rack, Windmill Clock SOI, Chair Hers, Chair His, Water Trough Table, Blue Linens, Kitchen Chalk 1, Kitchen Chalk 2, Kitchen Chalk 3, and Kitchen Chalk 4* by unKindness *available at the Gacha Garden until May 31*


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