Natural Clutter

Natural Clutter

The sunlight shines through the large windows perfectly lighting the space throughout the entire day. Slowly the space was filled with decor that reminded the owner of spring and summer, the months when new life Springs forth after a long winters rest. New pots are filled with soil, a mess created but the owner is not concerned. Frames laid carefully next to the table waiting new works of art. A new book is laid upon the stool waiting that days inspiration. The owner taking pride in her natural clutter as the outdoors fill the space.


Main House

Pendle Keye House (Right) by ROOST

Indoor Decor

Natural Way Col *set includes basket, frames with pots, picture, stool, table 1, table2, tatami rare, tray, and wall art* by Serenity Style *available at Shiny Shabby until May 15*



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