Lily Cottage Filled with Love

Lovingly Decorated_main

I had a mission; a goal to complete. I had a dream, a plan, and I was not willing to give up. I was determined to achieve my goal. I was set to see my dream to fruition and not admit defeat.

I seachered every store, every crevasse, and every corner. I searched every dark recess and combed through countless displays. I cleaned out the catacombs of my inventory in search for the coveted items of my dreams.

I returned to the store where the central piece was bought. The piece that provided me with inspiration, sparked the dream, and the plan. I stood in that store searching for the right pieces that would fit. I found further inspiration while standing there.

I saught out the creative works of others. I trampled through yard sales and merchant listing. I now moved in a different direction with my plans. I changed my focus and the fog was beginning to clear. One by one each piece fell into place and the story unraveled.

I stood back admiring my work. My dream fulfilled and a shell no longer laid empty. Love shone through each piece carefully placed within the tiny spaces.

It was now a home, fit for one or two, or maybe just the elderly crazy cat lady, but it was now a home none the less.


Garden Shed

Lovingly Decorated_greenhouse

Springtime Gacha by dust bunny *featuring garden wheelbarrow, garden pump . blue, delilah chair . pink, rose table . pink, babybreath vase, blossoming flowers, flower cabinet, spring reading, recycled pots, and lily greenhouse*

My Little Garden by :BoWillow: *featuring Spade – Blue, Rake – Blue, Pitch Fork – Blue, Watering Can – Pink, Frangipani – Round Pot – Pink, Frangipani – Round Pot – Mint, Frangipani – Round Pot – Blue, Hand Rake – Blue, Small Spade – Blue, Gardening Table (Animated), Empty Square Flower Pot – Pink, Empty Square Flower Pot – Mint, Empty Square Flower Pot – Blue, Frangipani – Sqaure Pot – Pink, Frangipani – Sqaure Pot – Mint, Frangipani – Sqaure Pot – Blue, Empty Round Flower Pot – Pink, Empty Round Flower Pot – Blue, Empty Round Flower Pot – Mint, Garden Stool – Blue, Garden Bag of SOIL, Garden Bag of SEEDS, Garden Bag of LOVE, Planter Box Empty – Pink, Planter Box Empty – Mint, Planter Box Empty – Blue, Planter Box – Blue, Watering Can – Mint, Watering Can – Blue, Tulip Garden (Animated) RARE*

Main House

Lovingly Decorated_cottageoutside Lovingly Decorated_cottageinside

– The Seamstress mice -, Lazy bunnie, by *ionic*

=Cat Garden=, =Cat 1=, =Cat 2=, =Cat 4=, =Cat 6=, =Cat 7=, three family cats, Cat Mommy, =Cat 3=, and =Cat 6=  by Cute Doll Dudinha’s

Springtime Gacha by dust bunny *featuring lily cottage, makeshift mailbox . blue, key chandelier, babybreath vase, rose table . white, delilah chair . white, rose table . blue, tea time, blossoming flowers, rose table . blue, spring reading, delilah chair . blue*

amy’s memorial garden by dust bunny

paper butterflies by dust bunny & windsong

Vintage Birds – Mister Herbie by 8f8

Teacup Bird Feeder (Pink), Teacup Bird Feeder (Purple), Teacup Bird Feeder (Blue) by {Lyrical}

Stack o’ Books and Pile O’ Books by { what next }

Kittens by *ionic* *featuring Kitten Bunk Bed. Kitten Table, Shadow Kitty, Gizmo Kitty, Kitten Throne – RARE, and Kitty Chair*

Perritos! by *ionic* *featuring Nika*

For Luke by *ionic* *featuring animals are my friends (sofa), Seven suns away (clarito), Lemuria,let’s go to bed!, I hear her voice and run into the trees*

Deco Gacha by *ionic* *featuring pyramid song (piano), pyramid song (stool), and vintage cabinet*

Botanical Prints (3) by Apple Fall

Towel cart – Flowers and candle by !! Follow US !!

Love Nest-Vintage-Rug by [ zerkalo ]

Spring Living – Vintage Books by -Tres Blah-

small spaces kitchen by dust bunny *featuring corner cabinet, vintage fridge, sink cabinet, and vintage stove*

Southern Porch Rocking Set by :CP: *includes Southern Porch Rocking Chair w/blanket (PG), Southern Porch Vodka Lemonade Tray, Southern Porch Lemonade Giver, Southern Porch Granny’s Recipes, Southern Porch Overheated Plant, :CP: Southern Porch Table, Southern Porch Rocking Chair (PG)*


Ladybug Stump Tic Tac Toe by {Lyrical}

stones2 – 8 pcs – 1 prim by 3D Trees

Stoney Path Light by [DDD]

Garden Tree08 with Lights – orange c by HPMD

Aubretia – Medium – Red – FULL – LOW, Aubretia – Medium – Lilac – FULL – LOW, Aubretia – Medium – Pale Blue – FULL – LOW, Aubretia – Medium – White – FULL – LOW, Aubretia – Medium – Purple – FULL – LOW, Aubretia – Medium – Green 1 – LOW, Aubretia – Medium – Pink – FULL – LOW, Aubretia – Medium – Blue – FULL – LOW, Aubretia – Medium – Yellow – FULL – LOW by Heart


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