The Room that Time Forgot

The Room that Time Forgot

I have this favourite past time, one that other people do not share. I enjoy traveling to remote locations to see the homes of those who adore from writers to artists, to people who changed the world. I cannot resist pasting a historical sign and following the breadcrumbs that are left until I reach my destination. I enjoy sitting where they once sat and looking around the rooms that gave them inspiration. I will always seek out the rooms that time forgot, that are kept the way they original were before the individual past away.


Main House

9. SC Antique Store by DRD

Indoor Decor

Finch Bird Cage, Moonlight Sonata Phonograph, Zadie Bed, Zadie Bedroom Picture, Zadie Bedroom Rug, Zadie Candle Lamp, Zadie Dresser, Zadie Dresser Stool, Zadie Mirror Gold, Zadie Pitcher & Bowl, Zadie Rocking Chair, Zadie Side Table, and Zadie Steamer Trunk by Kaerri


Bree’s appleblossom


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