Making the Birds a New Home

Making the Birds a New Home

Over the winter my bird house was destroyed by squirrels and the elements. I should have known better and brought it in, but I wanted to ensure that the birds who remained would easily find food if needed. I had not anticipated the squirrels knocking it down and commandeering all of its contents for themselves. Eventually the tiny bird house, once filled with seed, was buried beneath the crushing snow and forgotten until spring arrived and the snow melted away to display its destruction. Now I sit, constructing a new bird house for those who enjoy visiting my yard.


Main House

hill top cottage 1 by dust bunny

Indoor Decor

Rusty Birdhouse Grey by Serenity Style *available at SaNaRae until April 15*

chair with pillow (birds) 1 and square dining table by tarte.

5. Apple Fall Book Shelf, Fall Harvest Cake, and Cherry Voulevants by Apple Fall

Wood Spice Shelf w Potholders Ba by StoraxTree

small spaces kitchen . vintage stove by dust bunny

Drawer by HIDEKI

You are the one panel by Serenity Style

Winter Princess: Floor Vase ~Pillows~

Toronto-Living room plant by ~Bazar~


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