Visiting the old Country

Visiting the Old Country

My grandpa planned a small trip back home. He wanted to see where his family came from, to visit his relatives he has not seen for many years, and visit the old homestead. He asked if I would like to join him and sadly I had to decline; instead he took with him my uncle. I appreciated the gesture in his offering and felt terrible in my decline. I regret not knowing much about my families history and often wonder why they do not share their tales. I long to visit the old country as my grandpa calls it. To see where his relative grew up and hear about how they lived. I will never get to know my father’s side of the family as they have all passed on taking with them their backgrounds, leaving me with only speculation. Now I sit here in my room, gazing upon a water colour my grandpa brought back with him; dreaming of visiting the old country.


Main House

hill top cottage 1 by dust bunny

Indoor Decor

Kira Travel Closet by Serenity Style *available at The Fantasy Collective until April 15th*

Medieval Hideaway Painting by Johannes1977 Resident *available March 31 for the 30/31 Event at Epic Chromatic*

Toile Chair (Cream) by Apple Fall & An Lar

Ruffle Carpet by Glam Affair

Dolly Bed RARE by Apple Fall



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