The Eclectic Dreamer

The Eclectic Dreamer

Some say I am a dreamer with a wide eclectic taste. When friends come to visit, they always point out how everything within my home changes. My furniture and decor items range in traits, shape, colour, and whimsy. I will openly admit that I am dreamer. I embrace this quality along with my eclectic tastes and how each new piece that I collect fills me with inspiration for something new.


Main House

9. SC Antique Store by DRD

Indoor Decor

Elemental Splash – Earth, Elemental Splash – Heart, and Elemental Splash – Sky by BluPrintz *available March 31 for the 30/31 Event*

Tranquil Collection Gacha *featuring  Center Table, Couch – Turquoise Ultrarare, Floor Chair – Turquoise, and Vase with Plant A ~ also comes in Black, Brown, and Green; 3 Common, 1 Rare, and 1 Ultrarare* by Lacrime dell’Anima *available at YouGatcha Event from April 1-20*

Shapes shelves-jump and Shapes shelves-Waiting by [E] Essay *available at YouGatcha Event from April 1-20*


Bree’s appleblossom


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