Kitchen Made for One

Kitchen Made for One

When you live alone, small means nothing to you. Huge houses are hard to fill with clutter when it is just you living there. Small houses though take on a different life when you are single. My kitchen is small and perfect and filled with the essentials. While my table may only have one chair it is filled with character. There may be more clutter then cupboards or counters it is filled with the sweet aroma of home cooking. Sure a large kitchen would be perfect to have, but since I am only one, my kitchen is perfect for me.


Main House

Greenwich Park House Rare by Scarlet Creative *from the September 2015 round of The Arcade*

Indoor Decor

Lucy Country Collection * includes Auxiliar Table, Milk Jugs, Bowls, chair, Cupboard, Milk Jug Single, Plates Crate, Shelf Rare, and Table* by Serenity Style *available at Shiny Shabby until April 15th*

Eat Drink Wall Decal by {Q-Essentials}

Tiered Plant Stand [Evergreen] by PILOT

Terracotta Tower of Plants by StoraxTree

Old Plants – Blue Pot by Kalopsia


Nacon’s Summer


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