The Bed and Breakfast

The Bed and Breakfast

I planned a mini vacation away from home. I needed a rejuvenating break, one that would would allow me to dive into a good book uninterrupted and perhaps allow a little site seeing to take place. I do not enjoy the sterile feel of Hotels and Inns, rather I enjoy the grand feel of a quiet little bed and breakfast. I do not mind that I must search for my own lunch and dinner, it adds to the allure of being in a small town with not many people. When I plan my little trips I seek out the bed and breakfasts first, they quaint and the owners are always friendly and helpful. They feel like home. If I had to give up my career for a new job in life, it would be to run a bed and breakfast.


Main House

9. SC Antique Store by DRD *available at The Arcade until March 31*

Indoor Decor

Seattle Loft Suitcases on Table Ab, Entryway Rustic Chair Decor Ag, Fine Art Watercolour Dm, Fine Art Watercolour Bh. Fine Art Watercolour CL, Joie de Sac en Fleur BL, Clay and Willows Vase Fi, Joie de Sac en Fleur Ac, Feline Treasures Naptime B Doma Ocelot k, Simple Elegance Tray Table Er, Fine Art Watercolour Cj, Fine Art Watercolour Bg ok copy, and Fine Art Watercolour Da by StoraxTree

Old Roman Bed by Apple Fall *from the Mayfair Gacha*


AnaLutetia – AvatarOpt2 whiter


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