Toss the Pebble

Toss the Pebble

There once was a little girl who spent her recesses drawing with chalk. She would draw pictures of her family, friends, plants, and animals. But her favourite thing to draw was a hopscotch game. It did not matter that she would play alone or with friend’s; she enjoyed finding the perfect pebble after drawing her grid. She practiced throwing the pebble trying to make it land on the ten. Most times she was lucky if it landed on four or on the grid at all. Today the grown lady smiled as she saw a hopscotch game drawn carefully upon the pavement next to the small fountain. Carefully she saught out the perfect pebble; not to round and flat in all the right spots. She recalled her recesses practicing her throws. Laughter could be heard down the street as she tossed the pebble only to have it land square on the four.


Outside Decor

Hopscotch Game by Serenity Style *available at The Secret Room until March 14*

Fountain by KIDD


(SS) Atmospheric 13:00b


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