Truly a Girls Room

Truly a Girls Room

I decided to make some changes in my home; fixing up the guest room mostly. It stood empty for far to long. Carefully I unpacked the boxes that filled the space to see what I had to work with. Putting together the bed, I created the focal point. Moved in a vanity and dresser from storage, that was better on display then collecting dust only to be forgotten. Each item came to life as I placed them around the room filling in the once box filled space. The room took shape and its character shone through. The room was fit for a girl.


Main House

9. SC Antique Store by DRD *available at The Arcade until March 31*

Bedroom Decor

Eterma Bed Green/Lavender by Serenity Style *available at On9 from March 9-28th*

The Romance Vanity (includes vanity, boxes, make up, rose, and puf) by Serenity Style *available at The Liaison Collaborative until March 30th*

Shopping Day by CHEZ MOI

Butterfly Freedom Decor by Sequel

WallButterfly, WallButterfly{violet}, and WallButterfly{Green} by LB *gift at Shiny Shabby until March 15th*

Bremen Table by :CP:

Butterfly Poppies, Crocus Teacup Pink, Crocus Teacup Yellow, and Crocus Teacup Purple by Kaerri *Limited Edition items*

Birdie Pillows by Serenity Style *TCH 2nd Anniversary gift*

round rug. floral circle. by junk.

The Ancient Ladder and Retro Frames by Serenity Style

Escape Shelf (stained) by Fancy Decor

betsy mirror and betsy dresser by [Brixley]


Fairy light pink (Paulina)


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