Unfinished Crafts

Unfinished Crafts

There is a little room in my not so quiet home, where I sneak off to find a few moments alone. In my little room there is a desk filled with light clutter. Tapestries hand upon one wall and the other is adorned with my family and friends faces. In that little room you will find a cabinet filled with baskets, where each is filled with odds and ends. A chair sits nestled in the corner, where I like to sit. Beside it lays my yarn and boxes filled with more bits and pieces. On my desk lays plans for my next scrapbooking project. In this room you will find many crafts that have been started, but lay like the ones before unfinished as I reach for the next project that will be added to the list.


Main House

Girly Toronto Skybox by ::RG::

Indoor Decor

Vintage Craft Room *featuring Vintage Inspiration Board, Vintage Fabric Basket, Vintage Craft Bins, Vintage Craft Room Chair, Vintage Yarn Basket, Vintage Craft Room Boxes, Vintage Craft Desktop Things, Vintage Crafting Desk, Quilted Heart Tapestry RARE, Vintage Patchwork Stool, Vintage Craft Paper Rack, and Vintage Unfinished Dollhouse RARE* by i { DH } irrie’s { Dollhouse } *available at the Gacha Garden until February 28*

Whimsy Trinket *featuring Time Frame, Hydrangeas Pitcher, End Table, Heart Boxes, Wood Sort Tray, and Key to Peace* by uK *available now at Whimsical until March 3*

Alex Paintwork Panel by Serenity Style

Rug 2.0 by Fancy Decor


Gwen’s Light


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