Picnic at the Pool

Picnic at the Pool_main

Ahhh the sweet sounds of laughter, voices, and splashing as families gather at the community pool. The sounds float through the air in majestic waves drawing in others as they grow curious as to what could be going on. Friends, neighbours, and families come together on warm days to enjoy the pools splendor. Children splash in the water and play games of tag. Soon picnic baskets are opened and food is laid upon tables. Delicious odors begin to fill the air as food is grilled upon barbecues. Soon the pool is abandoned as people sit down to enjoy a meal and share stories. The community pool a place to relax and enjoy a splendid day with family, friends, and neighbours.


Outside Decor

Picnic at the Pool1 Picnic at the Pool2 Picnic at the Pool3 Picnic at the Pool4

Lattice-Top Gate – RFL and Lattice-Top Fence – Short – RFL by [DDD] *available at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016*

Square rock Pool, Round Beach Chair, Flower Gazebo Display, Summer Tray Display, Toy Submarine Mesh Model, Pool Setting Display, Pool Chair w Pillow Mesh Model, Inflatable Children’s Chair 4 Mesh Model (purple chair), Inflatable Pool Mesh Model, Inflatable Children’s Chair 2 Mesh Model (orange chair), Square Gazebo Base Colored Example Mesh Model, Square Beach Chair, and Table Food Display by DATSI Mesh *available at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016*


Garden Tree07 – green a by HPMD

Closing Remarks:

You have until until March 6 to visit the RFL Home and Garden Expo. Each designer has carefully put together a display of various items from home and garden decor to gacha’s and pets. You are sure to find something that tickles your fancy while at the same time helping raise money for noble cause.

February 26th Events of the Day (times in SLT)
10:00am * Prim Perfect Talks at the Home and Garden Expo
2:00pm * Prim Perfect Talks at the Home and Garden Expo
4:00pm * Lantern Release from the Theatre roof
5:00pm * Prim Perfect Talks at the Home and Garden Expo

For more information visit SL Home & Garden Expo 2016.



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