A Shoe Lovers Dream

A Shoe Lovers Dream_main

Bathrooms take on an unique personality of their own. Some are left simplistic with very little creative decor added to the plain white walls that surround the porcelain within; if they are lucky the splash of colour comes from the lining hanging on the rack. Some bathrooms become a work of art causing whomever ventures in to spend more time then intended within the confines of the artistically designed room. This bathroom became the shoe lovers dream with the creation of heel shaped tub taking centre stage.


Bathroom Decor

A Shoe Lovers Dream1 A Shoe Lovers Dream2 A Shoe Lovers Dream3 A Shoe Lovers Dream4

Hacienda End Table, Fly With Me Decor, Book Lover’s Hassock with Books (rare) and Book Lover’s – Book Stack with Leaning Book by ChiC Buildings *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Vase001Texturized, RugMesh_004 Texturized and RugMesh_005 Texturized by CCDesign *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

“I love Shoes” Bathtub by <Heart Homes> *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Bucket Of Roses by Shabby Tabby *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Good Morning Set *includes Good Morning Books and wood, Good Morning bucket, and  Good Morning frames) by Serenity Style *available at SaNaRae from February 25 to March 15*

Glam’ mirror (black) by !! Follow US !! *includes Boxes – Stack 1, Black shoes, Boxes – Stack 2, Nightdress 4colors, Glam’ mirror (black)*

Mademoiselle Beauty basket by !! Follow US !!

Love Nest-Vintage-Love Sign by [ zerkalo ]

Pink Dreamcatcher and Metal Hourglasses by Fancy Decor

paper butterflies by dust bunny & windsong

Let out sadness by Serenity Style

Hammie & Slippers, Hammie & Taking a bath, Hammie & A Duckie Robe, and Hammie & Bubbles by MishMish

Fairy Curtain – Tied (Pink – R/L) by +Half-Deer+

garden. ladyinmoon 1Li and garden. rose 6Li. RARE by {anc}

Bathroom Cabinet Sink – Black & White by LAQ Decor

Closing Remarks:

If you have not had a chance to visit the 10 sims filled with items revolving around the home and garden, I encourage you to take some time to visit the RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016, which runs until March 6.

February 25th Events of the Day (times in SLT)
2:00pm * Prim Perfect Talks at the Home and Garden Expo
4:00pm * Lantern Release from the Theatre roof
5:00pm * Prim Perfect Talks at the Home and Garden Expo

For more information visit SL Home & Garden Expo 2016.



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