The Secret Garden Party

The Secret Garden Party1

Tucked away in the far off corner of the wooded forest nestled between over growth and crumbled walls laid a little garden party. The scene flowed out before my eyes like an image risen from within the pages of a classic novel, bringing to mind the adventures of a curious little girl seeking a garden that was no longer spoken of and the cries in the night that are ignored. Who had placed the these items amongst the leafless trees and what did they hope to gain. Growth and beauty could be restored with the gardeners hand, filled my thoughts as I took in the vibrant colours of the furniture and treats and the hope for life to be renewed within the trees limbs. Then I saw scrawled in purple “Never lose hope”. Words never more befitting a secret garden party.


Decor Items

The Secret Garden Party2

Spring Chalkpaint Bench, Spring Gazing Ball, and The Sea Collection (includes two chairs, table, rug, and wall art) by .:TT:. *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Loose Stone Fence Kit (includes long, medium, and short pieces), Tree Stumps on Rocks Kit (includes stump 1 and stump 2), Wild Branch Kit (includes wild branch LQ, wild branch RFL HQ, and wild branch RFL LQ) by What-a-Mesh *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

Hollow Tree – Never Lose Hope, RFL Spring Willow Tree, and RFL Wooden Planter – Cartoon Style by T-Spot Mesh *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*

RFL Cookies box, RFL cupcakes box, and Relay for life cake by Aphrodite *available now at RFL Home and Garden Expo 2016 until March 6*


Dirt Road and (Sculpt) and Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(warm colors)*a by HPMD

Closing Remarks:

I bring you more goodies from the 2016 RFL Home and Garden Expo. This time providing you with decor items for ypur home and trees and rock walls to adorn your outdoor space. Each item adds a unique feel to your home, weather you live in the country or on coast. The items featured in this post are from Hope 3. Not only is shopping in abundance to show your support for sich a worthy cause there are also various events planned for you to partake in until March 6, 2016.

March 18th Events of the day (times in SLT)
2:00pm * Prim Perfect Talks at the Home and Garden Expo
4:00pm * Lantern Release from the Theatre roof
5:00pm * Prim Perfect Talks at the Home and Garden Expo

For more information visit SL Home & Garden Expo 2016.



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