In My Room

In My Room1

There is this small space that I call my own. A place where I venture off to when I need to decompress and be alone and surrounded by quiet. It is my own space; a space that I carefully decorated with items that represent little aspects of myself and personality. In this space, you will find many things, both living and formerly living and crafted into furniture to fill my small space. Please do not wake the cat, he is not pleasant when woken before he is ready. In my room is where you will find me after a difficult day or in need of some quiet time to myself.

In My Room2 In My Room3 In My Room4 In My Room5

Decor Items:

Wire Basket w/ Pillows, Wire Console (stained), Escape Shelf (stained), Woven Rug, Star Light, Star Bright (gold), Star Light, Star Bright (wood), and Star Light, Star Bright (silver) by Fancy Decor

Clay and Willows Vase CK, Clay and Willows Vase Bc, Clay and Willows Vases Duo Ae, Seattle Loft Suitcases Table Siamese, and Joie De Paris et Magazine Ag by StoraxTree Mesh

Delilah Set by :CP: *featuring Scattered Wine, Console, Composition Notebook, Falling Over Books, and Mirror*

Alex Paintwork Panel by Serenity Style *available exclusively at SaNaRae until February 18*

Bremen Set by :CP: *includes Bed, Lamp, Screen, and Table*

Heart on a Wire Bedroom Set by :CP: *featuring Bench and Rug Pile*

Unusual set BROWN by Serenity Style

Simple Comforts Gacha by Apt B *featuring Hanging Seat RARE, Paper Bag, Plant1, Plant2, Shelf, and Frame*


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