The Tiny House in the Woods

Tiny House_outside

There is this house nestled in the woods between a grassy hill and numerous trees. A tiny little house no bigger then a summer cottage made for one. Who lives inside this little house no one knows. Even more curious is no one knows how long it has been standing there. No one sees the coming and going of the home owner, though they do see the flickering light at night and the low meows of a cat seeking food.


Main House

melody cottage . blue by dust bunny

Outside Decor

Tiny House_outside closer

Dolce Vita Scooter – Decor by Kalopsia

My Pet Sparrow Bird Bath by [ free bird ]

The Indie Bunny and Te leo un cuentito by *ionic*

Lighted Step – Plank by +Half-Deer+

paper butterflies by dust bunny & windsong

Hello Frame, Spring Shabby Chair Decor, and Spring Shabby Chair Decor 1 by Serenity Style

amy’s memorial garden by dust bunny

Indoor Decor

Tiny House_inside 1 Tiny House_inside 2

Neylan Set by Serenity Style *includes Mirror, Lamp, Cushions Box, Puf, and Rug; available now at The Liason Collaborative until January 30*

Mail Sorter by Serenity Style

Phoebe’s Patchwork Set (PG) by :CP: *featuring Boho Rug Pile, Book Decor, Composition Notebook, Digital Picture Frame – Rustic, Birdcage Lamp, Patchwork Chair w/Pillow, and Plank Wall Art*

Feline Treasures Naptime B Siamese by StoraxTree Mesh

Shelf- Hello Mine by **Mistique**

Deer photo frame and Ruffle Carpet by Glam Affair

Wood Spice Shelf w Potholders Ba bby StoraxTree Mesh

Mason Jar Gerberas in Carrier by Kaerri

Cocoa Tray by Jian

Antique Cupboard by Serenity Style

small spaces kitchen by dust bunny *featuring vintage stove, sink cabinet, and vintage fridge*

Country Drawer Shelf and Country Cushions Drawer by Serenity Style

Dolly Bed Rare and Georgian Dollhouse by Apple Fall

Delilah Console, Falling Over Books, and Composition Notebook by :CP:


T2C Aspen Tree 3 by Botanical


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